Thursday, October 30, 2008


anyone have any requests?
I don't have any ideas that look good on the computer
post a comment with a team, and i'll get on it

also, im not mad at all that the Rays lost
I had so much fun this year

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fan Art pt2

Back again with some fan art! First is a 3rd jersey for the Phoenix Coyotes. Last week, Chris at icethetics posted a leak of the jersey, check it out. So our friend Anthony made a concept, using the 2 new logos.Kinda sketchy, but it's cool, I guess. Next is 2 concepts for the NCAA, by CammaD, over at Touch Down Design. First is one for Alabama.Pretty good, he also made on for Princeton, but it wont load, ill post it later. Go Rays!

PBH Concepts

Hey guys, I know, most of you plan to do concepts, but I decided to post my first one. I thought I'd use a more classic striping pattern, but Fernando Emailed me and said that the jerseys can get sublimated, which lets the designers get more creative. But I was almost done, so I decided I'll just make another one. So without farther adu, here's the jersey set I made.I made a third, black jersey, just for the fun of it, since the Portugal Soccer team has a black set. I also really like the logo. So if you want to join the contest, email me your designs. I also have some fan art to post, so stay tuned.Hey, I finished my second concept, with pipingI like that a lot more than the first one. I have fan art to post, stay tuned, and go rays!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Portugese Ball Hockey?

Hey guys, no art now, but I have something that you guys might be interested in. I got an email from a reader named Fernando, about rebranding the Portugese National Ball Hockey . I'm serious, here's the email

My name is Fernando I am a committee member on the PBHA (Portuguese Ball Hockey Association). We have been in existence for the last 6 years. This is my first year. My reason for contacting you is I was hoping that you or anyone of your fellow readers would like to take a stab at designing our Association Logo as well as our uniforms. I understand that you are a super busy guy so I will not take up to much of your time. If you happen to be interested please let me know and I can give you a little more information in regards to the country and the sport of Ball Hockey.


Fernando de Menezes
and this is what he needs
Okay what we need is a Jersey. Preferably a home and an away. And we need a logo for the Association. Our current logo is pretty lame. Also a Ball hockey uniform is made up of a regular hockey jersey. Soccer shorts and socks

So are you guys up to the challenge? Any questions on this, comment, or email me
I have some fan art, I'll post later. Stay tuned. I whipped up an easy template for some of you.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rebrand Requests

Hey all. Got an email by a reader requesting some rebrands. He asked for the U of Georgia, Vanderbilt U, and the Denver Broncos. So I just finished the Rebrand for the Vandy Commodores. I must say, it looks fantastic. Here it is.I love the Anchor logo. If your wondering why an anchor? a Commodore is a rank in the Navy, which is what Cornelius Vanderbilt was. I just finished the rebrand of the Georgia Bulldogs. I didn't want to use the "Green Bay, Grambling state" G logo, so I made an interlocking UGA logo, turned out OK, I guessThe primary looks better on my sketch pad, but I think it works. I also added a new "Uga" bulldog logo. I might have a RtMLB series done tomorrow. So stay tuned, and root for the Rays!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The state of RtMLB

hey everyone, I decided to do some things to the RtMLB Series. I decided to delete my ones for the Mets, Rays, Cubs, and Giants. I just wasn't happy with them. I'll also add a picture in the sidebar on where we are in the project. So that'll be up today. I also have a design for the Diamond Backs, Jays, and Orioles. So come back later.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My take on more NHL thirds

Hey everyone. I have my take on some new NHL thirds. First is my concept for the Penguins. Here's what Chris described it as on Icethetics.
Kudos to the Penguins for staying with the jersey the club wore during the Outdoor Classic in Buffalo last Jan. 1st. It’s a replica of the home jersey the Penguins wore starting in 1968-69, their second year in the NHL: Predominantly light-blue in color, with broad white stripes trimmed in dark blue on the sleeves and uniform base. A large, dark-blue stripe is at the tip of each arm. The neckline is dark-blue with the lace-up feature. The dark-blue, circular Penguins' logo is on the front.

I'm perfectly fine with them doing that. But I'd like it if they made it more modern, like what the Sabers did, with their third. So I added piping, and changed it up a bit, and I really like how it turned out.I also changed the logo, i added a light blue outline to the letters, and changed the penguins triangle from yellow, to Vegas gold. Moving on. I have one for the Canucks. Chris had a leak of the jersey on icethetics. It was basically as he described it.
The Canucks are going back to their inception in 1970-71 by bringing back the predominantly blue road jersey the club wore. At the bottom of the jersey – and on each arm – is a broad green stripe flanked by a pair of white stripes. The club’s original “hockey-stick-in-a-rink” logo is outlined in green and white on the front.

I don't like the rink logo, but I love the Canuck V logo. So I used it. I also used an unused logo for the team. I also made the jersey green, since no other team has a green jersey.Nothing big. That's all the hockey concepts for now. I'll post another fantasy football concept later today. Hopefully the Rays will win tonight. Send in your concepts and, they will get posted.

Friday, October 17, 2008

CFL All-star jerseys

I was on the CFL website, and they had a link to the All-Star voting. Well as most of you might not know, the CFL doesn't have an All-Star game. They use to have games, but the last one was in 1988. So with that in mind, I wanted to make a jersey concept for the all-star game, if there was one. I thought, it should have the template of the home team, and since the Grey Cup is in Montreal, I based it of my Alouettes concept I posted a while ago, since the jerseys they use, well suck. Thats basically all I have to say about it. Hope you like.I didn't make a helmet, cause I think they'd use their respective teams helmets, similar to the Pro Bowl. That's all I have for now. I might get another this afternoon. Also since the Rays, BLEW IT last night, I might go to game 6 Saturday, darn. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RBI Baseball Sigs

A few people on the CCSLC message boards have sigs, that are screen shots of the old NES game, RBI BASEBALL, with their favorite players. I couldn't find this thread, so I made my own.I made this for myself, with my favorite player, Evan Longoria. Speaking of Evan, he hit another home run over the green monster in tonight's game. So the reason I posted this was, does anyone want me to make one of their favorite player? Just seeing, if someone would want one. Oh and by the way, I use to have this game on NES, I played it a lot. Even though it only came with 8 teams. So I'm just watching the ALCS, hopefully the Rays can pull away. Come back for more!


Friday, October 10, 2008

NCAA Redesign: Illinois

Happy Friday to everyone, and today, I have a redesign. This was a request to redesign Illinois. They have a pretty good jersey. So I found a cool template, and came out with a good result.I replaced "ILLINOIS" on the helmet, with the cool Native logo. That's all I have for now. I might get another post out tonight, but I might not. It all depends. I emailed the very skilled designer about using his work, but he hasn't wrote back. So hopefully I'll post his work sometime. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fan Art p1

Hey guys, I have some fan art for you today. I have 3 concepts today, all by a guy named Anthony(GoCubs2212). Hope you like. First he recoloured an A's jersey to bright yellow.ahh my eyes. He sent another concept for the Miami Marlins, since that will be the new name, after they move out of Dolphin Stadium in 2012.The last one he sent, is a concept for my Tampa Bay Storm. He changed the colours from gold, and navy to yellow, and black.I'd have to get use to it first. Ok so thats all I have for right now, I'll try to do a RtMLB series sometime. Also I want to ask a very good designer if I can use his concepts. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Alouettes Jersey Concept

Well the Alouettes jersey that they wear, is a piece of crap. So I wanted to make a better looking jersey. So I made the jersey look like most CFl jerseys. I also separated the blue, and red, two dark colours don't look good together. It looks a lot better.I changed the pants stripe too. Overall, it looks A LOT better. So tell me what you think. Sorry for no RtMLB post recently, I'm all out of ideas. So check in sometime this week, later.

NCAA Redesign: South Carolina

Hello once again. Today's redesign is for South Carolina. The uniform the have now, it's ok, but I think its too busy. So I wanted to keep shoulder stripes, and use the awesome "SC" logo. So I did, and it turned out pretty cool.I modeled the pants stripe, after the helmet stripe. Thats all I really have to say about it. I want to make a uniform concept for the Montreal Alouettes, since their uniforms are soo ugly looking. So come back for that tonight. I'll also try to sketch up some logos for RtMLB while watching the Rays game. So stay tuned

Taking Requests

If you want a certian team done in my RtMLB series, leave a comment and I'll do it

because I'm sort of having a designers block

I plan to have a fan art post later this week, so send in your concept if you want to be a part of the post

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bringing the Rowdies Back

This past week, the USL(United soccer league), a non affiliated MLS "minor league", announced that Tampa Bay will get a team in 2010. They decided to name the team, the Tampa Bay Rowdies. As you may, or may not know, the Rowdies was the name of the NASL team in the 1970's. The NASL was the Major soccer league at the time, mostly remembered for the New York Cosmos, who signed Brazilian star, Pele. The Rowdies were one of the best teams, and the Cosmo's biggest rivals. Getting back on topic, here's the logo that they made for the new team.They added navy blue to their colour scheme. The star at the top represents the NASL championship the team won. So because I have a logo, I made a kit set, with a new soccer template I made. Hope you like.I based the uniform off the Argentina kit, which I used because the old NASL team had stripes on their sleeves. The sponsor is a restaurant, here in the Bay area(Its very good too). So that's what I have for now. I'll try to get a new RtMLB logo set up tomorrow, so comeback.

NCAA Redesign: Duke

Hey everyone, sorry for not having a post yesterday. It was the Homecoming football game last night. Where I met USF Bulls quarterback, Matt Grothe. He was there because his girlfriends sister is a cheerleader, or something. So today I had some downtime, and made a redesign for the Duke Blue Devils. They have a average team that always had a traditional uniform. But I don't like traditional jerseys that much, unless its for a school with a rich history. Duke doesn't have a whole lot of history, even though they've had a team since 1895. So in this redesign, I gave them the uniform that Arkansas, Michigan, and Cincinnati got, because horns=blue devils. So it all worked out, and came up with a pretty cool result.So that's what I have for right now. The USL announced that Tampa will get a team, named the Rowdies, named after the team in the old NASL. Who was one of the best teams in the NASL, and were big rivals with the New York Cosmos, Pele's team. So I'll get to making a jersey set for them. Stay tuned for more.