Thursday, September 20, 2012

EPL Redesign: Stoke City

I kept the white and red stripes like all home Stoke kits have. With the clash and alt, I had a lot of freedom, and did a few things. The clash is a green/yellow version of the home, with the colors of the sponsor logo. The alternate is just pink and blue, just to see how it looks!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Logocast

Did I tell you guys I'm on a podcast? I help out on a logo/uniform podcast with two friends from the Creamer boards. Check it out!

Colorado Rockies rebrand

The worst is drawing a concept at the very start of the first class during a double header.

So I drew a concept over 3 hours and came out with the baby to this. Lets face it, the Rockies have an outdated set. But they should always use purple, just a refresher of a logo unchanged since the early 90s. I wanted to do a traditional look with modern flair. I've tried to do this before, but failed. I did realistic mountains(used from my Denver Altitude yakball concept) on a diamond. I added some run off on the diamond to balance it all out. I did the font completely custom too. I dropped the R from the cap logo, because the Rockies are the only team that have the city and team name letter on their cap.

I hit a point where I thought I was done, but it needed something. I did draw a ball flying on my sketches but forgot about it. I wanted to do curved streaks, but got frustrated and went for angled. TURNS OUT it looked SO much better.
 Traditional uniforms here. I did piping and purple. I put some design on the numbers similar to the Rangers. I had to do stirrups, for a guy named Jake on the Creamer boards pushing the Rockies to wear them. That was literally my thought process. The alt is a continued movement to have a white hat in the majors.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chattanooga Lookouts

“Can someone please tell me why the Chattanooga Lookouts don’t use the two eyes as the Os in BOTH their names. It could be great.”

 So I did it.

EPL Redesign: Wigan Athletic

I finally got Wigan done! I did a mixture of stripes and piping on the home using traditional royal blue, white, and gold. The alt is a reference to the black, and gold kit they had a few years ago. The 3rd is a creation of mine using a maroon and golden yellow on the same template. I normally mix up the look, but I enjoyed the way this concept looked, I decided not just recolor it.

Monday, September 3, 2012

EPL Redesign: Aston Villa

I really liked this one. I did the same colors on the home, but did a checker pattern running vertically, and lined the crest, sponsor, and maker logos all along it. On the clash, I replaced the maroon with navy and did pinstripes with light blue sleeves. On the alt, I tried some new stuff. I did green with the yellow from the lion. It’s in the same pattern as the home, and only the lion is on the crest.