Friday, September 7, 2012

Colorado Rockies rebrand

The worst is drawing a concept at the very start of the first class during a double header.

So I drew a concept over 3 hours and came out with the baby to this. Lets face it, the Rockies have an outdated set. But they should always use purple, just a refresher of a logo unchanged since the early 90s. I wanted to do a traditional look with modern flair. I've tried to do this before, but failed. I did realistic mountains(used from my Denver Altitude yakball concept) on a diamond. I added some run off on the diamond to balance it all out. I did the font completely custom too. I dropped the R from the cap logo, because the Rockies are the only team that have the city and team name letter on their cap.

I hit a point where I thought I was done, but it needed something. I did draw a ball flying on my sketches but forgot about it. I wanted to do curved streaks, but got frustrated and went for angled. TURNS OUT it looked SO much better.
 Traditional uniforms here. I did piping and purple. I put some design on the numbers similar to the Rangers. I had to do stirrups, for a guy named Jake on the Creamer boards pushing the Rockies to wear them. That was literally my thought process. The alt is a continued movement to have a white hat in the majors.

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