Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seattle Grinders Baseball

Some fantasy logos for anyone who reads this. So my pitch to the UBL for the new owner application was the Orlando Juicers. Then Logoman unleashes his concept fury, and I decided to rename my team so I wouldn't be called a thief or anything.

So my new team is the Seattle Grinders, for the city being home of Starbucks. Simple logos for this concept. The primary is the team name above a coffee mug, with baseball stitches in the drink. The cap is an S with the Space Needle. And the cabin of the needle is suppose to be a coffee bean. Jerseys are simple, nothing special just working with a new template.

Bon appetit!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kentucky Bluegrass

Hey guys. Getting it done on a sketch pad, I planned some more football concepts. First was the Kentucky Wildcats, then to put it in a group, I also did Louisville, and Western Kentucky. Sit back in youre desk chair and enjoy.

28/120 Kentucky
I have a few things on Kentucky. The first is a concept with simple dual sleeve stripes. Those stripes are also on the helmet and pants. Both have a checkerboard pattern on the back of the jersey. The second one is with stripes running down the sleeves, like the Titans. I modeled it after the current basketball SoD jersey.
Lastly, I tried putting numbers on the stripes, something new I think.

Notice the UK logo i made. Its not like the current one. When I was vectorizing it, I noticed how much I hated the outlines not being even. I made one with even outlines, just to try, and liked it better.

29/120 Louisville
I knew the currents had sleeve stripes, and a drop shadow on the numbers. I took that, and made it modern. Instead of the cardinal head on the helmet, I moved it to the sleeve, and took the Cardinal with a wing, and Louisville over it. Also, I left the Louisville script on the chest. The white socks go with red pants. Finally made a Pro Combat style pants stripe.

30/120 Western Kentucky
Matching stripes running from under the armpit down onto the pants. Strategically making the stripes the same on the home and road, so they would match on the silver pants. The primary is on the helmet, and the mascot logo is on the sleeve. It seemed very fitting for WKU. Chose a font close to the logo's font for the number. Then decided to put stripes on the socks, just for fun.

Comments? Suggestions? Requests? Sarcastic remarks?

London 2012 logo

I've been sketching this on spanish notes, and math homework for the last 2 weeks. I really think I'm onto something. I wanted to base the logo somewhar odd the union jack. I was sketching and it started to form arrows. The script is really what i'm excited about. London, with a 12 making up the D. Pretty simple, and not too much of a stretch.

I might change it depending on what CCSLC says. But comments here would be nice.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Orlando Juicers Concept

Quick concept here. I signed up for a fantasy basbeall league on the CCSLC message boards. My pitched team was the Orlando Juicers, which was based off of the old WBL team.

The name has a double meaning. Juicers for the Orange juice, and the scandal in baseball. The cap logo is OJ, like orange juice! I made a diamond logo, because my favorite team is the Rays. Added pin stripes to fill up space, and when I do my jerseys, they will have pinstripes. The scripts can be seen on a prieview of the jerseys. Enjoy!


I have some college football concepts for you guys. Come back to see!