Monday, October 27, 2014

I know what Chivas USA will look like in 2017

If you may or may not know, Chivas USA played their last MLS game yesterday. Originally started as a feeder club for Liga MX side CD Guadalajara, Chivas played 9 years and made little ripples in the league’s history. The best they could do is get knocked out of the Western Conference Semifinals 4 years in a row. They’ve been in the shadow of the LA Galaxy, who owned the stadium Chivas played at, and won 3(maybe 4) championships in the 9 seasons Chivas played. They are folding, but a new team will take their place in 2017. Here is what I’ve concluded the team should/will look like when they play in 2017.

No more references to Chivas USA
Have a drastically different identity to the Galaxy
Look at owner Vincent Tan’s other teams identities
Use downtown LA, and the people there to their advantage
Philip Guber would own this team, and the Dodgers.

So those 5 things combined for the logo I made.

Vincent Tan cited “a global brand” for his reason of changing 100 years of blue and white for Cardiff City, to copy Manchester United. I believe he’ll do the same. The name ca be changed from “football” to “futbol” to actually attract a Spanish crowd that Chivas really couldn’t. I studied MLS logos and found most of them were pretty simple, and ended in a bottom point. They all had complete names, and most had an animal as a main identity. No MLS team uses a bear. Finally, Guber owns the Dodgers, and Golden State Warriors. Tan owns Cardiff City. The biggest tie is their royal blue colors. That’s why I went with a blue and white clash for the club.

So if you see this Vincent Tan, hit me up.

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