Sunday, July 26, 2015

Footy as Football - Bournemouth

I think I wont go in order, just when I turn it out.

Bournemouth is the last team to be promoted into the EPL. Bournemouth has red and black stripes, and is nicknamed the Cherries. Not too much to work with there. I decided to make a logo with a B with stripes coming out. I wanted to show motion in the football, with a throwback to one of the best logo the Cleveland Browns have ever had. 

I originally had the stripes go around the back like the Seahawks logo, but realized the B would be backwards on the left. I put the B logo on the side, which let me go with a black helmet to match. There's a lot of striping on the uniform, with the helmet, sleeves, and pants. It was the best way I could show the tradition that the team has with their vertical stripes.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Footy as Football - Watford

The 2nd place team from the Championship is the newest team I've done. The team is nicknamed the Hornets, but have a red deer as their logo. It has 100% to do with the colors of the team. I didn't want to throw away tradition, so I kept the deer idea. In a style like the LAFC bear and the Buffalo Bills logo, I did a stylized deer in one color to make it look strong, modern, and bold. I wanted to show motion with the deer, so I made it rear up on it's back legs, but I threw in a ground to show that it isn't flying or anything.

Before I did the logo, I had the idea to do an Eagles' type helmet logo, but with the antler. That's not even the wildest thing about the helmet. Half is yellow, half is black. The current crest is like that, so I split it in homage. I like the uniforms a lot, but a lot of that has to do with the colors. I tried my best to keep black on yellow, but did throw some red in the sleeve in an angled stripe like Nike has used a lot.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Footy as Football - Noriwch City

I got an email a few months ago about a series idea. They basically asked if I was interested doing Football as Football, but the other way around. So basically, turning EPL teams into what they'd look like as NFL teams. I was like thanks, but I've been busy doing other series so I dunno when I'd get to it. But I finally came up with some ideas and went ahead and did some!

I do probably way too many soccer crests, so doing something fresh and that would test my designer abilities. So starting from the bottom, here is what the EPL would look like with NFL inspired logos.

Norwich is known as the Canaries. They have a unique yellow and green color scheme, so this was going to be fun. I did my best to make a mean looking canary. I took some cues from Brandoise and the Ravens logo and created what you see below. The uniforms will mostly be based on the kits the teams use, so I got a new template and based the uniforms of the ones Norwich wore last year en route to being promoted to the EPL.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gateway Motorsports Park

I love Gateway, and I feel like St. Louis is a big enough market to establish roots in. Gateway though, needs a refresher. I feel like it needs some money pumped into the facility.

Though it's not in as bad as shape as my other tracks, I do have some ideas on how to improve. The track has similar banking to Phoenix. They also have pit road entrance and exit lanes that cut into infield grass. I say pave over it all, make the track feel like there's more room to pass. The infield road course is pretty much the same, but the run off is all asphalt. Offset the lack of grass with solar panels and stuff. Then, get rid of the gokart track on the infield and build garages to host races. I also put a model of the gateway arch going over the back stretch to make the track stand out. The crossover gate would be on hinges and close when the track is live.

With the crossover being the only way to get in, I got rid of the tunnel under the track coming out of turn 4. I made the stands a lot longer to stretch the entire pitlane, then reconstructed the stands in turn 1. Right now, the front stretch stands stop, then there's a building, then bleachers. I was looking at Phoenix and loved how their turn 1 stands are. There's luxury boxes and the stands actually turns with the track. I would love to do that, and give those fans a view of the front and turns. I put 3 separate video boards in the infield for the fans to watch. Other than that, I kept the drag racing track the same, located outside of the oval.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Metroplex United

Metroplex United has a pretty short history too. In the 60s, the teams in North Texas were numerous and difficult. In the Texas League, there were teams in Ft. Worth, Dallas, Arlington, and Frisco. They all had poor attendance and youth systems due to the teams pulling from the same pool. A businessman who graduated from Texas-Austin thought the best way to bring a top level soccer team to Dallas would be to merge the teams that already exist, to get a super team quick. United in 1965 under the name North Texas United, the team changed the name to Metroplex in 1974, their first season in the American Premier League, after a 2nd place League 2 finish the year before. They began filling up more and more of the Cotton Bowl after successful seasons in the top tier, the stadium they still use today. Metro was their strongest in the 80s. They won league titles in 1980, 81, and 86. US Open Titles in 81, and 85, then a CONCACAF title in 1987. After the passing of their owner in 1995, the team was sold to a wealthy oil baron who wanted to be the next Jerry Jones. The team got relegated in 1998, before the owner hired a GM who had soccer knowledge to turn the team over. Two seasons later, they were back up to the top league. They haven't won any trophies since the 80s, but their fanbase is huge. Typically, the supporters groups are split by their home town going by the names of the teams before the merger. 

Metroplex has always had orange and white home uniforms. Traditionally, the clash uniform would be the color of the winner of the Cotton Bowl the winter before each season starts. They signed with Under Armour in 2011, who ended that tradition. They've had a lot of flag themed clashes, but this year they're representing the skyline.

So this was the 20th and final team in the APL. I may come back with League 2, but I'd really need some ideas before I go ahead with that.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sporting KC Chiefs

If you don't know the story, Lamar Hunt started the Dallas Texans in the AFL. After competing with the Cowboys for fans, he moved the team to Kansas City. After a trip to Ireland in 1962, and going to the 1966 World Cup, he fell in love with soccer. Coming back to the states, he got involved with the APL. Dallas had teams throughout the metroplex, and their University of Texas alumni owner wouldn't sell his team to a SMU grad. There was a team in Kansas City, formed in 1955. In 1967, Lamar bought the team, and basically bought his way into League 2. Much like many European and South American teams, Hunt had the idea to make a sporting club, teams with the same name underneath the same ownership umbrella. In 1972, the team began playing in Arrowhead Stadium with the Chiefs, and Sporting was promoted based on more income allowing players to be bought. The Chiefs had a good 70s, with a league title in 1976, and a US open in 1977. Another league title in 1982 helped establish the team as a premier team in the midwest. Unfortunately, the team had a bad year in 1985, and were relegated to League 2. Two years after, they were moved up to the APL, the same year they won their 2nd USOC. The 90s were hard on KC. Hunt had trouble juggling promoting the World Cup and managing his team. Two relegations in this decade hurt the team, but they would eventually move back up in 1999. Since then, Lamar died, and handed the teams off to his children, who run it to this day.

The logo and kits are very similar to the NFL team that shares the stadium. In addition to the soccer and football team, Lamar helped bring the NHL to Kansas City before selling them in 1976 and the Ice Chiefs moving to Colorado and becoming the Rockies. Teams that have fell under the Chiefs umbrella include an Arena Football team and Major League Lacrosse team.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Racing Club Indianapolis

Racing Club Indy doesn't have a storied history. The team was started in 1941 at a stadium near the storied Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and thus the name was linked. RCI was offered a spot in League 2 when the league was formed, due to the success in leagues in the midwest. But Indy didn't have much success. The team couldn't draw many players in due to their midwestern location. They drifted around League 2, until League 3 was formed and gave Indy a reason to fight. In the 2nd year of League 3, they were relegated to it. They got back to League 2 from 1982 to 1988, before another relegation. The Checkers were in a bad place and they sold their team to a rich German who couldn't watch his adopted home's team struggle. In 1989 they won League 3 and were on the up and up. A few years later, they won League 2 to jump to the APL for the first time in their history. This gave the team leverage to build a stadium closer to downtown. After relegation in 2002, the team came back up in 2003. The team has a habit of getting relegated, just to see them be promoted one season later, much is the case to this years team, who finished 2nd in League 2 to be promoted once again.

The team did originally wear checkers, much like Croatia. But in the 50s, they went to a more modest blue color. In the 1990s, the blue became navy to keep up with the trend of uniforms. Still, the red and yellow clash kits are the fan favorites and have been on the clash for the better part of their history.