Friday, March 27, 2015

A-League - Canberra United

I think this may be my favorite concept I've done. Canberra is the best candidate to get an expansion team. I'm basing that off of being a pretty large city without a team. Currently, the women's league in Australia is the W-League. They teams in that league have the same names as their male counterparts, EXCEPT Canberra United. Their logo is okay, it looks like it fits into the rest of the current A-League. So I wanted to make it my own. I made a shield, and decided on a green since the team hasn't. I love dark cool grey as a color, and chose it over black. These colors are really unique in sports individually and together. I brought over the Capitol Building in the current logo, and simplified it. Through on words, and called it a day.

The kits are pretty basic. I did monochrome green for the home. Completely unique to everything else in the league. The clash is white and grey. I accented it a little with green. I wanted to try a different stripe than normal, instead of up and down, or left and right, I made it cut diagonally from the neck hole. Hire me Nike.

Major League Cricket

In an alternate universe, the Beatles' British Invasion left an even bigger footprint on American Culture. The Beatles performed at Shea Stadium in August of 1965. The following off season, 6 teams with stadiums with big, circular, cookie cutter stadiums decided to switch to a more proper sport. The teams formed Major League Cricket. Those teams were the Mets, Athletics, Orioles, Cardinals, Braves, and Astros. The teams invented the Twenty20 version cricket to appeal to the American spectators. Each October, the teams would compete for the Ashes Series.

The game began growing, and interest sparked in other Major League cities. Teams began defecting to MLC when they opened their big stadiums, splitting them with the NFL team in the same city. Soon following, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia switched in time for the 1970 and 1971 season.

Major League Cricket started to expand in the next 15 years. The Seattle Mariners Cricket Club, and the Expos de Montréal du cricket came into the league at 1976. The Minnesota Twins also joined in 1982. The history of these teams evolved exactly like the MLB counterparts of this universe, except the stadiums. Most teams stayed in their circular cookie cutters. The Expos moved to RFK Stadium and became the Nationals in 2005.


I got into cricket during this Cricket World Cup. I realized how simple the rules were when I compared them to baseball. There's no major cricket league in this country, and thought that I could stir up the most interest by putting MLB logos on my template, which I made today. I thought that choosing the teams with big circular stadiums would be a good start. I'll tell you that this was not my most creative series concept wise, but I had fun doing it. Typically, cricket uniforms are a polo with pants. Each team in a league has a different color uniform, so no matter who you play, you wear your primary jersey. I kept that in mind, and tried my best to diferentiate.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A-League - Auckland City

So for the first of the expansion teams to the A-League, I chose a team that already exists. Auckland City is a powerhouse in the Oceania region. The issue is that since New Zealand is in Oceania confederation, and Australia is in the Asian, they aren't eligible for the same things. BUT, that isn't my problem because Auckland is huge, and Wellington has a team too.

Auckland's logo is a mess right now. There's stripes, initials, an anchor, a body of water, a mountain, an a landmark. I just dropped it all for an anchor. I used the logo as the basis for this, but ultimately made my own. I did a bevel effect, and a ribbon behind the crest because it felt like it needed something else.

The jerseys are pretty simple. I eliminated some colors and made them duel blues. I used some designs from my US Soccer 2030 project I liked, recolored to fit the Kiwis.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A-League - Western Sydney Wanderers

This team has the perfect brand. I love the logo, and I love the hoops. 

Both are the same, Mark from Expand the A-League is a WSW fan, and he suggested black shorts for the home kits, but I just couldn't do it. The clash is a white and grey version of the home. This was a lay up, and I promise it's a lot more creative the rest of the way.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A-League - Wellington Phoenix

This is one team I couldn't wait to get my hands on. The first New Zealand team has a decent name, but a bad logo. It has a lot of banners, a flame, a ball, a shield, and a poorly drawn bird. I wanted to streamline all of those. I made an abstract bird over a flame and striped shield. Then I ran Wellington over the crest. I felt like since the Phoenix was already part of the crest, then I didn't need to say it again.

The yellow and black stripes return because it's a really nice identity. The clash is very different from the home, but still carries the same idea. This time, white and yellow.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A-League - Sydney FC

Sydney FC's logo was a lost cause. Non-symmetrical with gradients, and a bad font. I decided to redo it completely, and go for a simplistic look that would stand out as the Premier team of the league. I went with the LA Galaxy as my main inspiration. The crest shape wasn't supposed to be as close as it was, but I wanted something that was representative without looking like a postcard. The Sky Blues are called that because they hold a light blue monopoly. On the crest, I only included navy to darken it a little. The 7 sided star moves up to the position of the focal point.

The kits were meant to fall into the brand. Head to toe light blue for the home uniforms with the classic Adidas stripes. The orange that got bumped off the identity shows up on the clash jersey.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A-League - Perth Glory

I made sure the Glory hold a monopoly on purple in this league. Their current logo is really a mess. There is gradient, and an off centered soccer ball with a burst. The idea is there, but it needs to be cleaned up. I wanted a logo with presence and color. I used the Fox Sports font that Conrad posted, paired with a banner crest, a cue from Toronto FC, and the soccer ball I made for my last series.

The home kit is really similar to the current look. Purple with sublimated darker stripes on the front and back. I never do Macron concepts, so I played with some cuts and made my own. I used the cut as the basis for my clash jersey, Sort of a Bomb Pop USA jersey with white and orange.