Friday, April 17, 2015

A-League - Sunshine Coast Heat FC

A few things about this concept. In the poll that the people filled out with team name suggestions, Sunshine Coast's top choices were Fire and Heat. I convinced myself that I liked the Heat better, but that was before I realized the Fire is the current team there. And honestly, I just went with it. Everyone is gonna chew me out for the decision, but again, I liked it better. I wanted to use a warm colored gradient originally for the A-League logos, but decided on the green and gold. That idea was moved to this concept. From yellow to maroon, this team has some warm colors. The crest is a diamond with a banner, and SCH monogram.

The kits I thought could be kind of unique. I couldn't think of a team with red/yellow/red for their kits, and I didn't want to do a gradient on this one, despite seeing how it looked, so I went with the look below. The clash is white because all the warm colors are pretty similar and this would be different enough.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A-League - Brisbane Strikers

I wanted to have another Brisbane team, just because they can most likely support two teams. OVERWHELMINGLY, the Strikers were the team suggested on my poll the most for this spot. The Brisbane Strikers were a major Australian team before the federation formed the A-League. So it would be cool if they had a chance to come back to the top. Their logo is a lightning bolt, and a soccer ball, with "Strikers" crossing over top. I gave them more of a presentable shield with all the current aspects, thrown together without a soccer ball.

One thing I noticed right away was the color scheme. I could have a lot of fun because they have 4 colors used almost all the same amount. I wanted to basically make them look like Arsenal South. The kits are pretty similar to their current looks too.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A-League - Gold Coast United

I didn't realize how big Gold Coast was until I did the concept, but they still were once a part o the A-League before folding. I relegated them, but really wanted Gold Coast to carry on the United name for logistical reasons. The big beach there is named Surfer's Paradise, so I played the crest off that. Making a surf board shape, I did a logo similar to one you'd see in Italy.

The kits are Reebok, something different and something I haven't done before. The template is pretty weird with tons of angles and stuff. I chose Telstra as a sponsor because it's the same colors. I tried to keep the home kit like the one of the former team, and then the clash was just a color scheme I hadn't used yet.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A-League - Christchurch Saints FC

What's a soccer league without a team called the Saints? There was some confusion on the poll about this team. Expand the A-League suggested Canterbury, and I thought it was a suburb of Sydney(Melbourne too). All the responses were to the tune of "Which Canterbury?" Well turns out Christchurch, New Zealand is in the Canterbury Region itself. Christchurch would be home to the 3rd and last Kiwi team. I needed to be different from the yellow and blue teams from New Zealand, so I went with red. My idea was something so boring, it looks like the team had been created 80 years ago I went with a sash, and from there on it decided the fate of the jerseys.

The home kit would potentially be iconic, white with a red stripe and red shorts, something that really could be rare. Just like River Plate. I went navy on the road to look like the flag of the country, and that it wouldn't ever clash with Auckland City.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A-League - Ipswich Dons FC

 I was working on all of these, and in my head I had a checklist of things I wanted. I wanted a team with halves as their shirts, and a team with claret and blue as a color scheme. The name Dons was suggested in the poll, and the more I saw it the more I loved it. I wanted it to seem like this team was somewhere in the English system. The logo is in quarters. There's an FC, a ball, a cross from the Queensland flag, and some stripes.

The kits are simple, they're halves with a normal and a darker shade so there wouldn't be much contrast between the two sides. The kits are New Balance, even though I think they should still fund Warrior.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A-League - Darwin FC

When I first started doing these, I had an idea of a logo not confined by a crest. I tried my best to draw out what I wanted, a boomerang over text. In my head, it was maroon and orange, something really unique. Think of it like an Aussie version of Milwall FC in London. This idea fell to Darwin because the colors seemed to fit the one somewhat major city in the Northern Territory. I looked at boomerang art, and tried to match it. I put a kangaroo, and some circular patterns on it.

The kits are basic. I used a Puma template and played around with some things. The kits are head to toe maroon, then orange and black on the clash. The sponsor is Air Asia, since the club is the closest to the Southeast Asia region.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A-League - Sporting Fremantle

So this would be Western Australia's second team, and it needed to be done. All these comments about how Western Australia looked a little lonely on the map I posted must not know how empty it is. But the name Sporting came up a lot in the poll i sent out. I finally got a chance to use it for the 2nd Perth team. I couldn't use any cues from the AFL team based in Fremantle because they're a purple, and so is the Perth Glory. I wanted to use the swan from the WA flag. Fremantle is located at the mouth of the Swan River, so it was fitting. The swan is on a yellow circle, and yellow and black would be the same scheme as Wellington so I went with a Pittsburgh Penguins color scheme.

The kits are pretty simple. I went with umbro so it was gonna be really simple. I wanted this team to be black because gold colored jerseys would look pretty bad in real life. I thought a black/white/black look would be the best alternative. The clash is light blue since not many teams use it, and it would never be worn against Sydney. I put some sublimated hoops to spice it up a little.