Monday, November 10, 2014

Oklahoma Superspeedway

I haven't done one of these in a long time! I used to make formula 1 tracks, but this is one of the most in depth one I made. 

A few weeks ago, my roommate and I went to Talladega for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race. I've had an idea for a while that I've pitched to my friend, and he was on board but said "they'd never build one of these again". But from the start, I chose Oklahoma as the location for the fake track. Talladega is between Birmingham and Atlanta to draw fans from both cities. This one would be near the highway between Oklahoma City, and Tulsa.

Anyway, it's an infamous super speedway like Talladega and Daytona. Those two tracks are tri-oval shaped. This one would be different. It's an oval track, that hypothetically would provide the same super speedway racing that everyone loves. The front and back stretch are three quarters of a mile. Each turn would be a half mile, at 33 degrees. So it'd be a 2.5 mile track. Basically, it would be a big turn leading to Talladega's backstretch twice a lap. Most big crashes happen coming out of turns, so I made sure to give a lot of space on the apron to spin. The backstretch is limited due to the pits and road course(which I'll get to later). Daytona and Talladega don't have much grass anymore due to them not wanting cars to hit a lip and flip. I tried to design the big track with safety in mind. There's one big grand stand with sights in mind. The track would be north-south, with the stands on the west to block the sun during late Sundays

The road course is so the track wont only host events one or two weekends a year. The road course was designed with IndyCar or sports car in mind. The big front stretch remains in play, before a chicane. The inner track on the turns are along the wall, not effecting the super speedway. The layout was designed to fit in the open area. I used the Indianapolis Motor Speedway course and the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi as inspirations with tight corners and rhythm sections.

The inner part has enough room to house 3 series worth of cars and trucks seen on a normal NASCAR weekend. There's a big entry/exit to help the evacuation of the track before and after a race. The only other thing I want to mention is the white designs between the tracks and road. If I had my way, the track would be totally Green. I put 6 big wind turbines to power the track, provide a backdrop to the shots of the backstretch.

Monday, October 27, 2014

I know what Chivas USA will look like in 2017

If you may or may not know, Chivas USA played their last MLS game yesterday. Originally started as a feeder club for Liga MX side CD Guadalajara, Chivas played 9 years and made little ripples in the league’s history. The best they could do is get knocked out of the Western Conference Semifinals 4 years in a row. They’ve been in the shadow of the LA Galaxy, who owned the stadium Chivas played at, and won 3(maybe 4) championships in the 9 seasons Chivas played. They are folding, but a new team will take their place in 2017. Here is what I’ve concluded the team should/will look like when they play in 2017.

No more references to Chivas USA
Have a drastically different identity to the Galaxy
Look at owner Vincent Tan’s other teams identities
Use downtown LA, and the people there to their advantage
Philip Guber would own this team, and the Dodgers.

So those 5 things combined for the logo I made.

Vincent Tan cited “a global brand” for his reason of changing 100 years of blue and white for Cardiff City, to copy Manchester United. I believe he’ll do the same. The name ca be changed from “football” to “futbol” to actually attract a Spanish crowd that Chivas really couldn’t. I studied MLS logos and found most of them were pretty simple, and ended in a bottom point. They all had complete names, and most had an animal as a main identity. No MLS team uses a bear. Finally, Guber owns the Dodgers, and Golden State Warriors. Tan owns Cardiff City. The biggest tie is their royal blue colors. That’s why I went with a blue and white clash for the club.

So if you see this Vincent Tan, hit me up.

Florida Flags

I'm alive, just not updating. I'm in between some projects. Right now, my main focus is a little blog where I make a flag for every county in Florida. Yep, all 67 of them. I'm about half way done. Check out my blog here.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tumblr Premier League

So I wanted to do a fantasy EPL team this year, so I recruited a close group of friends from tumblr to go all in with a league. Fake logos and team names, the whole 9 yards. I've taken a hiatus from the boards, but I just thought I'd show you all some of wht I've been playing with.

So we had 14 teams this year, and my good bud Jeremy and I started branding the league. Jeremy created the league logo which is found above. Gonna be honest, this whole league was born from me thinking it would be funny to be a team called Dads FC just because of the jokes I could make (my supporter's group is called the Stepdads). But I just told everyone to be creative with their team names and we'll do the rest. Here's the 14 logos together.

The ones i did are

Dads FC - I took a West Ham approach. I did crossed hammers, and put the team motto "Let's Build A Deck" underneath.

KBFC - My friend wanted Kyle Beckerman as a logo, so I did what I could with the red USA jersey and dreadlocks.
StarBomb FC - Named after the video game themed band of Game Grumps host, their logo is neon light-like, modeled after Italy.

Atletico Fedora - Just a joke towards the neckbeard population, modeled after Southampton.

SCPDFC - for a huge Mad Men fan and thought the Lucky Strike logo would be good to use

Bogus FC - My friend wanted Bill and Ted's excellent adventure as a theme, and often takes pictures with his Jack Daniels. Modeled after Aston Villa

Vada Vada - They're named after a song by The Garden and I made them look like Juventus

Hedgehog United - Sonic was the basis for this one. I put a ring from the game around it and an outline of Sonic

Sharks MD FC - Training to be a doctor, I used WBA as a basis with a shark logo I made with a stethescope
My Bed FC - My friend works for SKC and was gonna only pic hot players for her team

So yeah! I've been doing a lot of graphic work and blowing everyone away because no one but me has been in a league like this. I do best and worst players of the week, some other graphics, and even mock Tifos.

The kits for the players of the week look like this

Saturday, August 30, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Bermuda

Finally posting this one. I've taken a long break just to do some other things, but I've had this done for a bit.

So I wanted to do something with tribal patterns for Bermuda. The Gombey Warriors get a circular crest like what they have currently, but I put a lot more in it. Theres triangles lining the outside, theres a ball with a banner, the FA title, and the outline of the island. Pretty simple.

Introducing Under Armour to the project! I just kinda played around with some designs. I used the under armour pattern I used for the shorts in my US Soccer 2030 series.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Under Armour Football

So I was trying to find a football design cut that I made a long long time ago. I remembered exactly what I made it for, me redoing all of Under Armour's college teams. This was around the same time Nike was doing their Pro Combat series and template, so my thinking was a unified UA network of teams.

The thing is, I couldn't find any trace of this series on this blog. So here is a look at some old concepts that you may have never seen!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Barbados

A lot of people couldn't wait until I did this team just because of the trident.

The trident needed to be the main feature of the crest, so I worked from there. I put it on a long shape with a banner running over it. The banner has shades adding depth to it. I did a big yellow stripe down the middle to match the flag, and added the year their FA was founded to kill the open space.

I really wanted to do a Philadelphia Union stripe look but it just didn't work. The number on the yellow was black but I had the other designs white so it could be seen on the blue. I had that kit set and then I played with the clash. I loved the faux hoops on the yellow kit(which I love cause t looks like Sweden) so I brought the hoops to the blue kit and thought it looked really good.