Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Adidas NHL Pride Series - Dallas Stars

Real proud of this one. Since the Texas flag is so different from the colors of the Stars, I wanted to try something different. If you look up a picture of the Dallas skyline, one prominent feature is a building with big green neon strip lights going up the length of the building. I tried to imitate that on a black background. The green is more neon than their kelly green. I also did some western furls in some areas to really drive home that this team is from Texas.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Adidas NHL Pride Series - Florida Panthers

So the Panthers started to bring in things that reflect the Florida flag. My thinking was that some light jerseys were needed, and I felt like this would be a great chance. So what I did was go all out. The main bit of the jersey features a cross from the flag, similar to the Edinburgh Capitals. The sleeve stripes are the same width for consistency sake. Finally. I didn't put it on the back just because it'd be hard to read.

Adidas NHL Pride Series

Alright guys! So this was originally a NeatO Gang project, but since everyone is a couple series behind me(don't worry I'm on their ass on getting content out), I'm taking creative control of this series.

So if you're not a hockey guy, Adidas owns Reebok, who makes the NHL jerseys. Starting next year, they're putting Adidas on the sweaters. This means that they're eliminating alternate jerseys and redoing some uniforms just like Reebok did when they started their term.
I had this idea on Thanksgiving of alternate jerseys reflecting the cities the teams are in. Pretty simple and would produce a lot of new jerseys for alternates. Since this would hypothetically be Adidas first original sets, they all would have Adidas stripes just to annoy everyone. I don't make the rules, the template does.

Without further adieu, here is the first.

Winnipeg Jets

This was the first I did. Manitoba's flag is a sea of red with a union jack in the top left and a seal on the main bit. I used the red from the jets logo as the main color, and put that seal on the shoulders just like the Flames. The white and grey make a chrome looking stripe, bordered by navy. Also put some military chevrons on the sleeve. Nothing too crazy, just feeling out this project.

Monday, December 26, 2016

SportChek Dominion Bowl

Concordia Stingers (4-4)
#8 Carleton University Ravens (6-2)

Ottawa would be a great bowl location, just based on it's location. I have them lined up to host the 4th best Ontario team and the 3rd best Quebec team. As it so happens, Carleton is from Ottawa, which would be a big draw. Canada has a long history with the word Dominion, so it felt fitting to name the bowl in Ottawa that. I just wasn't in love with the "Capital" bowl theme originally when we were brainstorming. The game is sponsored by the Canadian sports wear store SportChek


I wanted to emulate the red check on the SportChek logo, so I wrapped it around the white base. I did my best to match the font on the SportChek, then put a maple leaf inside the O.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stampede Bowl presented by Shaw

Ottawa Gee Gees (6-2)
#9 University of Saskatchewan Huskies (5-3)

This game would be played in a big town with a major college presence. The Stampede Bowl is the second farthest west game, and would feature the 3rd best Canada West team and the 5th best Ontario team. Though this would be a long trip for Ontario, they have such a good amount of teams that 6/8 games is bound to have that happen. 


Obvious cowboy theme here. Originally had a sharper logo with no sponsor but ended up hating it. I used the cowboy hat from the city flag, a red and black color scheme, an old western font, and some barbed wire I had designed previously. Went for a cleaner look overall.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nike State Mascot Series 2

Three more for you, all done in the past day.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Trillium Bowl presented by Air Canada

Guelph Gryphons (3-5)
University of British Colombia Thunderbirds (3-5)

Originally scheduled to be played at BMO Field, we decided to relegate this game to a lower game and move it to the historic Varsity Stadium in Toronto. The stadium has hosted Grey Cups and Vanier Cups, but is now down to 5000 seats. Guelph finished 6th in the OUA, and BC finished 4th in Canada West. The game would feature the teams ranked the lowest in a game,  just due to the amount of 3-5 teams. We ranked them 14th and 15th, the top two 3-5 teams in the league.


In the conference tournaments I mentioned earlier, all of them have 4 team playoffs, except Ontario who has 6. I felt the 6 Ontario teams in our system would be able to hold their own against a team that finished around the same in their conference.