Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last 4!

I wanted to come up with something that I havent seen on Clemson stuff. Since pro combat didnt do anything special last year, i did some tiger stripes. NBD. I did piping, then up the sleeves I put color, with sublimated tiger stripes. I defiantly made orange more prominent than purple, which seemed to work.

Florida State
I loved the pro combat last year, and kinda went the same route, with a twist on a concept I did. I used the updated arrow and feather a lot. The feather on the sleeve cuffs is resembling the football jersey, with the large feather on the pants like the PC. THe font was the closest I could find to matching last year's PC. On a related note, it is HARD to vectorize Chief Osceola.

This concept is credited to a football concept of the past. I had a U design on the chest like before. It seems fitting because it resembles the logo. The theme to this was using two different colors on opposite sides. And before you ask, the number font is newton.

Georgia Tech
There wasn't really much to go on here. GT's make is Russell Athletic, so I couldn't look back at cool designs. I just kinda threw one up here. I did make the home gold, cause you know, they're the yellow jackets. I made all the logos the same scheme for once too! The fonts are my attempt to match the fonts on the GT logo.

So thats the ACC. I plan on doing the Big East for sure, and maybe do some others such as the big ten.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Boston College
Since BC is a Under Armour school, i had to do some fun piping and make things up. I had piping going from sleeve to waist. I searched Boston College lacrosse and found the a pic of the girl's team. It had the style as the one seen below with the gold coming back. I made the helmets gold to match football.

NC State
NC State is normally conservative in the jersey design, as seen by the simple football and basketball jerseys. They're Adidas, so tri-stripes, then thought of an Adidas kind of athletic shirt, and put a design under the arms. The front says NC State, with the S being the logo.

Virginia Tech
I had fun with this. I loved the Pro Combat last year with the halftone gradients. That explains why I used it here on a Nike concept. I used the number font they used on it too. Piping loops around the sleeves, and a VT replaced a script.

Wake Forest
I thought of the football team's "Missouri" template. So a design that goes around the back would work. I just kinda went with the flow on it. Nothing really particularly special, but I like the simplicity.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



So I'm probably going to end my baseball career, and start playing lacrosse. Hmm, I never do lacrosse concepts. Lemme backtrack, I went to North Carolina this summer, and to the NC State bookstore. They had some NC State lacrosse gear, thing is, they don't play D1, just a club team. I was watching the NC State-Boston College game this past Saturday and thought of that shirt, since I was wearing a shirt from the bookstore. What if the ACC was their own conference? I knew that only a few colleges played D1. Sure enough, when I went online when i got home i looked up the Ncaa Rankings

1. Virginia- D1 Independents
2. North Carolina- D1 Independents
3. Duke- D1 Independents
4. Maryland- D1 Independents

This is madness! So I thought that's where I'll start. 3 part series, coming up now.

The actual teams
1. Virginia
A Nike school, I thought if I tried some piping it would be pretty cool. I tried making the jerseys realistic. The darker part is suppose to resemble mesh, if you didn't get that. Honestly, I just kinda made this one.

2. North Carolina
I didn't have much to go on here, so I searched the basketball jerseys. One pic was from Hansborrough's days there, with jerseys with the neck horns things. Well, I did that. I went simple with the tops, then put argyle going up the pants to make them more Tarheel-y.

3. Duke
I wanted to go to something more Adidas like. I made something that looked like a jersey in my Adidas Championship Division thread. Then, I HAD to do some tri-stripes. I matched up the numbers and script. This might actually be my favorite.

4. Maryland
I love the yellow and black thing they do. LOVE it, and I figured out an easy way to do it. I ran it up the sleeves and underarms. Then, since it was Under Armour, I had to do some piping! What seems easy, actually was me adding a lot on. It ended up with space for mesh underarms! I did have the underarm pattern go down the pants, but the thing is, it looked like a basketball uniform. I just decided to make it with piping in the end.

So thats it for now. I'll have 4 schools that should maybe have one, ones thats more realistic.


Friday, October 1, 2010

LSU Pro Combat

So I noticed someone commented on my OkState concept, asking for an LSU pro combat. DONE.

So I wanted to do better than their ones last year, with an ugly gold. So I did some aspects of the current jerseys, including shoulder stripes. It needed some Pro Combat type things. I put tiger stripes on the back, like a tiger. Then put GEAUX on the chest, instead of LSU or something. Lastly, I took modern logos, and replaced the old tiger logo on the helmets now.

Thats pretty much it! Comment!