Monday, March 30, 2009

RtMLB: Dodgers

Hey again, this concept is for the Dodger blue.
I didn't change much, I used aspects of the current main logo, and put it together in a new logo. I added silver to the logos too, to kind of give the whole set a facelift.On the jerseys, I kept it basically the same. I left the piping off, and added outlines to the script, and numbers. I almost changed the colour of the front number to blue, but I decided to stick with tradition. I did add white piping on the alternate. Enjoy.So that's the Dodgers concept. I have the remaining teams logos either started, or done.
Next will either be the Marlins, or Phills.

Comments please.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Winter Classic Concept

Hey, I'm back at it again!
Out of the blue, I just decided to do this again. I've had an idea about this concept for a while, but never got it on paint. I wanted to focus on lakes for the Minnesota concept, so i made the logo a lake setting. This is just a first attempt, looking for some good ol' C&C.Comments appreciated.

State of the Blog Address

*Steps up to the podium*

Hey everyone. I'd like to announce that this blog is going back to it's original goal. To post concepts from new artists, or skilled artists. Send me any concept you make, and we can try to all reach what the NHL Tournament of Logos once was.

Also I plan to rebrand the site.

Stay tuned, and send in your concepts! They don't even have to be good!

Thank you.

RtMLB: Cubs

Hey once again, it's time for my Cubs redesign.
For the logos, I didn't change much(I actually like their set). But one thing I did do, was drop the plain C logo, sorry Cub fans. I brought back the angry bear logo as a tertiary logo.I changed some things up for the jerseys. I used the full body Cub logo for all the hats, which is why I got rid of the C. For the road jersey, I based the Chicago script off of a concept that thespungo did, since that's a great idea. I added another thin outline to the numbers also.Only 6 more by my calculations.

Comments please. Also I plan to do my Red Sox concept again, since I never really finished it.

RtMLB: Tigers

Hey guys. Instead of finishing a team I already started, I decided to start on a new team, which I finished, which you will see now. It's for the Tigers. Today I saw a kid wearing a Tigers shirt with that stupid looking tiger on it, you know the one. I thought "It'd be cool it they updated that, or put the updated tiger head inside." Well what do you think I did with this concept. I updated the retro logo. I added an outline around the old D logo. I also made the tiger head a tertiary logo. Lastly, I kept the same script.I actually really like the current jersey set, I originally wanted to change it some, but I kept the basic design the same. I added outlines on the D logo, names, and numbers. The white D/orange outline/navy hat didn't look as good as the ones below, so I dropped it(sorry Tiger fans!).Knowing me, I have no idea who'll be next.

Comment please.

RtMLB: A's

22/30 A's
For this, I brought back the elephant on ball logo, with script over it to be the primary. I used the A from the current primary, because the logos on the mother site seemed squished. I used the Elephant with the glasses as a tertiary, to use as a sleeve patch, and well, he seems like a pretty cool guy. I also got rid of all black(other than on the elephant's glasses)For the jerseys, I added 2 colour piping on the sleeves, and pants. The current ones are just plain, and I couldn't leave it like that. I used the yellow brim hat on each set.Dammit! I forgot to post PNG. I'm trying to put all my past sets on my current template, I did that like, 10 times.

RtMLB: Angels

Next concept was for the Halos
I brought back some past eras. I added periwinkle, and used the logo from when they were the Anaheim Angels, which I still call them when I'm not thinking. I made the outline periwinkle, made the grey part white, and added a white outline around the A at the top, inside the halo, to keep it consistent. I made the logo 2D, instead of 3D, so that it would go with the script logo. I also added wings to my logo, since they're the Angels.For the jerseys, I made the home, and away vests. I added a periwinkle outline to the numbers, to match the script.'few more.

RtMLB: Pirates

Woohoo! 2/3rds done.
This is my concept for the Pirates. For this, I limited the use of red, like how most fans would like it to be. The main logo was the Pirate prototype logo that risio posted. The cap logo is the same. Tertiary was inspired by the Bucs ship logo. I've had the idea for that logo for a while. Enjoy the logo set!For the jerseys, I made it look like the current home and away. The alt, I put the Pirates script, instead of the P. For the home and road caps, I used the BP cap logo, yellow P with a white outline, and a yellow bill. Then for the alternate, I made it look like the pillbox hat, everyone's favorite.
I have a few more of these to post on here.

EPLJR: Newcastle

10/20 Newcastle
Is it me or does Newcastle have the best kits in the EPL? I kept the same stripes as the current one, then I just did a random design to go with it. I made a grey alternate, like what they have now, but I made it the same as the home, but replaced black with grey.I'll just keep doing these at random.
Comment please

EPLJR: Hull City

9/20: Hull City
Just a random concept, while I'm trying to finish my series. I kept the main part of the kit yellow, like they have for decades. I added stripes on the front, since they've used stripes on their kit for a while too. Also, well they're known as the Tigers. The site that I use for kit history didn't have any other kits other than the yellow one, so I decided do make an all black kit. Oh and on the front, I made a black box over the yellow, so the white script would stand out more. I changed the maker of the kit from umbro in real life, to adidas in this concept.I'll be doing some lower teams for my next few concepts, just to get them out of my way.

Oh and on the Tottenham white home, my bad. I'll switch them around later.

EPLJR: Tottenham

8/20: Tottenham
I actually like their kits, but I made a few changes. I really like the striped socks, so I used that on my kit. I made the same design, but I put stripes on the way up. Do you know what I'm trying to say? I also changed the black kit, to a navy one. I used white pants on the home, and alt kit. Just look.
So, no idea who will be next. Requests?
I might do Arsenal if no one requests anything.

World Baseball Classic Redesign 16/16

16/16 USA
Finally, the last concept.
I know a lot of people don't like the current US logos, so I made new ones. I made an interlocking USA in the Reds font. I went with pinstripes, to be different, I hadn't done this to any other team so far. I made the away a solid colour, because any dark jersey with white pinstripes looks like pajamas.So that's it.
I might go back and do some, but I'd like to move on to bigger,and better things. Also finishing up some series I haven't finished.

World Baseball Classic Redesign 15/16

Day 15: Dominican Republic
Alright. This was based off the MLB practice jerseys from the last couple years. an'd that's pretty much it.
Lastly the USA is next

World Baseball Classic Redesign 14/16

Day 14(Late): Puerto Rico
Hey guys. I plan to post 2 today, this one, and the DR later. This was inspired by a shirt the coach on the other team was wearing at my baseball game. I'm suprised about how the Predators font goes so well the PR logo. Oh, and I used a block font instead of the Nashville letters.DR will be up later, then the USA.
Btw, the US will have new logos.

World Baseball Classic Redesign 13/16

Day 13(late): Panama
Sorry guys, I've been pretty busy the last 2 days. So here is my concept for yesterday. It's for Panama. Nothing special, some piping, and a block font.I'm getting low on good ideas...

World Baseball Classic Redesign 12/16

Day 12: Taipei
Wow, I've had to type this 3 times...(internet explorer is being an ass)
No takers on requests, so I just did Taipei. The only major change was side paneling, on their jerseys. I used the Texans font to try and match the hat logo.I actually really like the new hat template, it shows the hat design better

World Baseball Classic Redesign 11/16

Day 11: Cuba
Really, the main focus on this concept was to get rid of those horrid monochrome red jerseys. I just put swooshes on the sleves., then changed the pants colour. Not much ,Enjoy.Teams left:
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic

World Baseball Classic Redesign 10/16

Day 10: Italy(Late)
Sorry once again guys. I had like no computer time yesterday. I bring you my Italy concept. I don't like how the cap is a block I, so I but the I from the script on the cap.(Looks like Cleveland's hats). On the slves, I made stripes resembleing the Italian flag. That's really all I can think of that I chaSo 10 down 6 more. I'll see if I can do another one today. Maybe Cuba?

World Baseball Classic Redesign 9/16

9/16: Canada
Half way through!
I actually had this idea for a while. Similar jerseys as Puerto Rico. Red sleves, with a stripe running up to the neck. I didn't know will I was done, that's what Canada's jersey looks like. On the road, I turned all the white, to red. Then to give it some pizzas, I coloured the part of the leve between the piping, and crease white. Just see for yourself.
Oh, I also tried to limit the use of black. Such as getting rid of the black hat.

World Baseball Classic Redesign 8/16

Day 8: Korea(Late)
Sorry, I had to miss yesterday, I was quite busy. Just some random elements thrown into this one. I coloured the collar, like how the current uniform looks like. I added an underarm design, like most teams use now, but I changed it a little. I used Korean characters for this design. The font is also a modified Cubs font
Sorry for not posting here much. I'll update the site with all my new concepts

Friday, March 13, 2009


Who keeps rating my stuff 1 star?

can you please come forward?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

World Baseball Classic Redesign 7/16

Day 7: Venezuela
Hey guys. Sorry I didn't get this up earlier, I didn't have my laptop till now. So I really like the current jerseys, plain with coloured piping. I kept my set the same basicly, though on the home, I changed the sleves a little. I used the Blue Jays font for numbers, because it looks like a similar font to the script. Here.Next, I'd like to do Korea, expect a Korean script.


World Baseball Classic Redesign 6/16

Day 6: Mexico
Hey everyone. Here's the concept for the team south of the border. I was going to put mexican looking stripes, but It ddin't turn out so well. I finally desided on using a vest, with a design on the shoulders. I used the old font(since the new one is crappy). I also used similar numbers to that of the font, the Grizzlies font. I didn't use a vest for the ways, and kept white pants. Disfrutar! (Enjoy en espaƱol)
C&C Por Favor.

World Baseball Classic Redesign 5/16

Day 5: South Africa
Hey everyone. Now to arguably the worst team in the tournament, South Africa. Based my design on piping. I added blue, to seperate this set from Astrailia. I wanted a round numbers, so I used the Angels font, then cut off the sheriffs. Enjoy.So that's 5 down. 9+ left.
I'll have my Mexico jersey doen for tomorrow.
C&C please.

World Baseball Classic Redesign 4/16

Day 4: Japan
Hey guys. Today's concept is for one of the best teams in the WBC, Japan. This jersey design was just some random design I made up. I put Japan in Japanese letters on the front, just like what I did with China. I used the Mariners Numbers, and Letters on the back, since it sems like it fits with the set. That's pretty much it.C&C please. Next will be South Africa, so stay tuned.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

World Baseball Classic Redesign 3/16

Day 3: The Netherlands
Happy Saturday everyone. So this is my concept for Holland. Just a random design for this. The script is spelled different, because that's how The Netherlands spelled in Dutch. BJB I put grey pants on this one, but for the record, some teams have white pants with their coloured jersey. So here it is.The team is made out of some players from the Dutch islands in the Caribbean, like Aruba. That's where Sidney Ponson is from(I didn't know he was a Free Agent). I think Andrew Jones was on the 2006 roster.

So It turns out I had 10 concepts not posted on here yet, I hope you enjoyed my updates, comment on all of them.

World Baseball Classic Redesign 2/16

Day 2!
I actually had this done thursday, and I'm very excited to post it. It's for China. One thing I don't like about the current set, is how China is in an Old English font. So I looked up China in chinese characters, and put that on the front(The hat also means China). The number font is blocky to reflect on the Chinese characters. That's really all I have to say, that's 2 down, 14+ to go. I don't really have any ideas for a specific team, so I'm open to requests.
C&C please

World Baseball Classic Redesign 1/16

So this morning, I had a chance to watch some of the Japan, China WBC game. It gave me an idea to redesign every teams jerseys. I will do 1 each day till I finish all the teams.

But this concept isn't about Israel, it's about Australia! They have one of the nicest looking logo sets in the WBC. I kept their set pretty conservative. No crazy piping or anything, like Japan. I made the home be a white vest, with green sleeves. On the roads, which I will make coloured, I made a green jersey, with yellow piping. Enjoy!I'm suprised Grant Balfour isn't on the roster, he's one of my favorite player on the Rays. I like his swagger.
I have China nearly done, so that will be tomorrow.
I might do some countries not included(like Nicaragua, and Israel). Yes, Israel, I heard they were gonna try to get Jewish players to play in the WBC sometime.

C&C please. Also comment on my MLB Redesign thread, and I have ideas for my EPL redesign for tonight.

RtMLB: Cardinals

Next concept was in the cards?

That was lame, really lame.
So as I said above, my next concept was for the St. Louis Cardinals. Attention Cardinal fans! I messed with tradition here! One thing I did was take away the Birds on a bat with the script. I also changed the bright yellow, to a more maise colour. I added a yellow outline to everything, to make the logos jump. I added a bird head logo, and I think that's it on the logos.I love the Cardinals current home jersey, but this is a redesign series. I added more red to the jerseys, and yellow on the red. On the away, I put St. Louis on the front. I took away the blue cap, it just didn't look good with the set. The only thing i'm not to certian about, is the Alt cap. Enjoy anyway!C&C
I'll add a birds on bat logo later, since I was told to on the boards.

RtMLB: Giants

This concept came out of left field. Pun very much intended. I have my concept for the Giants. I wanted to focus on adding the Golden Gate Bridge into the logo set. I did that with 2 of my logos. The primary, which I made from scratch. I also added a tertiary logo. I wsh I could say I made it, but I found it(link doesn't work, go to, and find San Francisco Giants Special.). I've never seen it before, so I included it. I dropped the drop shaddow on everything. Umm, I think that's it. Enjoy the logos.For the jerseys, I kept them the same for the most part. I kept the beige home jersey. One thing I changed is the piping colour on all 3 jerseys. So here's my jerseys!C&C please. I'll work on getting some more of these done. FCATs are coming up, so I'll have lots of downtime. I'll be sketching logos to show you.

RtMLB: Reds

For my next concept, the oldest team in the MLB. The Cincinnati Red Stockings. One thing I don't like is the different fonts the Reds use. They have a very cool script font, but use a block font on the main logo. I changed the font inside the wishbone C, to the new one. I took out the black shadow behind Mr. Redlegs, because it seems unessicary, and they are called theReds. Enjoy the logos.I never noticed how creepy Mr. Redlegs looks.

Now to the jerseys. I limited the use of black, only accents on the numbers, and the C's. I changed the name, and numbers on back to the new font instead of block.

I have more Rebrands to post.

EPLJR: Chelsea

7/20: Chelsea
Now on to my favorite team, the only 2 EPL things I've ever had were Chelsea stuff. One thing I have, is a practice kit, that has navy on it. I thought it would be cool to use navy in my redesign. So I replaced black with navy. I kept the away kit gold like the kit. I think the current kit is
really good looking now, so I didn't change much. I did put white pants on the away, and alternate kit, because the monochrome look didn't look good. Enjoy.C&C please. Most likly Arsenal next. Comment on this, and my other threads near the top.

EPLJR: Aston Villa

6/20: Aston Villa
For my next concept, I did Astin Villa.(Did anyone see their game vs. Stoke City? That was crazy!) Like N.E.P. said I should do, was seperate West Ham, and Aston Villa's looks. So I did with Aston Villa. My design is based off Arsenal's current kits, since they both use Nike. Don't worry, I plan to change the Gunners kits. I know, I know, I added a white one, but I thought I could get away with it. I also added some designs on the front, not much, just a nice touch. Enjoy!
Next? like I said above, Arsenal, or Tottenham.

C &C por favor.

EPLJR: Liverpool

5/20: Liverpool
Hey everyone. I filled Williamryhs's request, and did Liverpool. I also filled his request in doing clash kits. The Liverpool kits now have 3 different design patterns. One I really liked, and thought was unique, was the away kits checker pattern. I decided to use it on all 3 kits. Ummm, I changed the pants slightly by adding wings, instead of having the stripes run all the way to the bottom. Just see for your self.
Questions? Comments? Sarcastic remarks?

EPLJR: Manchester City

Word association game!

Yankees is to Mets, as ManU is to...

4/10 Manchester City
(2nd city team)
So with this concept, it started out as a random sketch on my Bio notes. Then It sort of evolved into the Houston Dynamo jersey, with a twist. I used the colours on the logo(don't they use light blue and navy?). Oh, and also, the pants are based off patsox's Atlanta Hawks concept.
Enjoy, if you must.
C&C plz. Wow, I'm bored.