Saturday, April 30, 2011

MLB Redesign part dos

So I failed at trying to finish all the teams in one redesign. I put it off for a while, and never got back. Since I ended it, I've gotten better, tweaked my template, and made a plaid background. I ended up putting all the old ones on here, maybe changing them a little, but a lot of the same. I ended doing 30 concepts in 15 days. ENJOY.

Tampa Bay Lightning edit

Hey guys
I like the new logos. But I would make changes to the jerseys. Delete all black, add victory stripes, change the font to match the St. Pete Times Forum, and get rid of the TAMPA BAY on the white jersey.

Don't worry about me not posting. I will be posting a lot today, seeing how I have 30 UNPOSTED CONCEPTS IN ONE PROJECT ready to show you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dunedin Scots

Hey gang.

I've done this concept before, but not on inkscape. Here was my last concept.

Basically, I'm rebranding the Jays' A ball team from the Jays to the Scots. Dunedin has a lot of Scottish heritage. The high school band plays bagpipes, and there is highlanders on the town welcome sign. So when I was in Scotland, and I caught myself thinking about this. It could be better. I started sketching it, and I realized that I had some things that I hadn't done. I added detail to the beard. Just a little scruff, but it adds so much. I changed the colors to a more Blue Jays scheme, with dual blues and black. The Script is custom. I had it in mind for a while, but couldnt get it worked out. I tweeked it for about 4 days strait, and came up with that. The bagpipe logo is somewhat silly. It has been called the "batpipe" logo. The bats are the pipes, yeah. I added shadow, and fixed the rope from my original. The jerseys have simple piping, and outlines. Then for the alt, I made a Jays-like cap. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I haven't forgotten about you guys!

Well, I went to the UK. I had fun, but more importantly, I drew concepts! Still working, but one is an update of an old concept, and one is a bird. Here is a little tease!

Also, feedback on the new stuff? I just grew tired of the orange layout.