Monday, November 26, 2012

My Infographics

I've made a few racing themed infographics just to post on my tumblr, and I thought i would share! Hope you like!

I have some NFL concepts coming up for you all too, so stay tuned.

Birmingham Workshop

Went with another one of you guy's suggestions with this one. Originally, I was going to do a royal blue and white team, but realized that it'd basically be like Tampa. I knew I wanted a team that was light blue and changed Birmingham to that. I used navy as an accent color and went from there. The crest has an anvil for the industry, and a BW for the team initials.

Went with Kappa and a crazy design(because I forgotI wanted to do a sash like the logo) I played around with the colors and patterns and ended up with the following.

Sheffield Union

First, i wanted to do Sheffield Steelers, but that's the name of the hockey team(they even use the same colors!), so then I tried the typical club names. But since Sheffield is known for it's industry, I went with Union(workers union, you know). Orange, grey, and black, with diamond plating on the crest underneath the Yorkshire Rose.

The kits are simple, I know I wanted to do an orange top with a dark grey bottom. I went with adidas, and sort of based it of some teams, but made it my own. On the clash I wanted to do as much on the uniform as i could, but not use it as the actual color of the part.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Magpies upon Tyne

I thought this was fun. Magpies is a nickname for Newcastle United, which is a bird in the UK(and is one of the cooler birds ever). I drew a magpie, and tried to make it modern. The name is based off of Newcastle upon Tyne, which is the name of the city, so I replaced Newcastle with Magpies. Tyne is the river that runs through Newcastle, if you didn't know. But, I liked the color scheme because it's the same colors as United!

I really didn't want to do stripes like united, so I matched the crest and did a half and half uniform. I used puma and tried to make it similar to the crest, with piping and stuff. I really like these! The clash is the light blue version of the home. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Belfast United

You guys suggested Seahorses for Belfast, and it got me going in this direction. The seahorse in the actual city crest was poorly rendered, so I redrew this one. I tried to make it sleek looking, like Aston Villa's lion. I did maroon, and light blue on a simple crest shape with a banner and team name under it. I wanted the motif to be vertical stripes, so prepare yourself now.

Stripes. A lot of them. Other than that, pretty tame. With stripes, you have to use them just right, and I thought by not overbearing everything with them, they actually turned out cool with this scheme.

Edinburgh Fortress YC

I played with a team name like Nottingham Forest, or something that goes (city noun). I went with Fortress because of the castle that has been standing at the center of Edinburgh since the city was founded in the 12th century. The top of the logo is castle decor, with a Scottish lion in the crest, a banner for the name, and the year Edinburgh was established.
The kits were going to be a little crazy, because I chose Warrior to be the brand for this team. I played around with shades of green, did some piping, and other design. The clash kits are minimalistic and white, a la Real Madrid.

Liverpool Mariners

I was really close to naming this team the Liverpool Four, but I went with an easier brand. I used Liverpool's old colors(circa 2007ish), and did a nautical theme. Under the banner, I put an anchor and compass together like an old Mariners concept(I didn't realize they had the same name until just now), but also because Halifax AND Quebec already has a ship in their logo. Above the banner I did a rope pattern that comes up in the jersey.
The jerseys are fairly simple. I ran a strip across the chest and did an all red look. I know it would exile Everton fans, but Liverpool has more fans so I tried to throw it to them as the team to base off of. Pretty simple adidas uniforms here!

Leeds Owls YC

So I went with the colors of Leeds United, another homage to another club in the city. The name was suggested, and when I was looking at Leeds, the crest had 3 owls. So it was perfect! I did yellow and white hoops as the motof for the team, and I thought that looked really neat.
The kits are directly taken from the crest. I did a puma detail on the sleeve The clash is light blue with white accents.