Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mariners concept

Miss me? lol.

So since I made the switch to inkscape, I havn't posted a completed concept (I've done several, but I'm saving them for later. )

So anywho, I really like when cities have the same colour scheme for all their teams. See Pittsburgh. Since the Sonics moved away, Seattle has 1 major team NOT 2 tone blue, and lime green. That team would be the Mariners.

So the direction I went in was changing the colours, not using the compass, and tying the logos with Seattle more. The current scheme seems too dark, and the aqua isn't used much anymore. I went with the Space Needle used in all of these. This concept really goes back to this concept I did in my old redesigning the MLB series.

The main logo uses aspects from this logo. The cap logos are a S and M(hahah) with the Space Needle. The scripts are basically the same. I added the Needle on the first letter in the same place as the cap logos.

For the jerseys, I changed a lot. I added piping to them. I also used the M's alternate numbers, since it ties in with the script. Plus, I mean, the other option was block. The BP is lime green. I chose that because another blue jersey wouldn't be as cool.

I tried my best to stay consistent with the numbers, and scripts.

So how'd I do? I have ideas for a Giants concept too.

C&C, por favor.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry Guys

Sorry, I've been just enjoying summer, and not doing concepts. I'm still working on my inkscape skills, and not amazingly awesome at it. I'm working on some stuff, and once I get them done, I'll post here.

go to Down on the Farm for baseball design news. The link is on the side.