Monday, December 29, 2008

New Series

What should my next series for the site be? I'm feeling soccer.

  • Euro-nizing the MLS (I make MLS teams more European)
  • Fifa Rebrands
  • World FĂștbal League
  • CFL Rebrands

Any other ideas? I have an idea for a RtMLB redesign. So I'll try to keep with that series.

aahahahahah 5 other votes so far. What would you like to see?

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hey ya'll. I added a widget where you would be able to rate my concepts!
So please use that.
and there's apparently related posts...

I'll have some art coming your way sometime.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Old Time Football League: pt 2

Hey guys, I have my 2nd concept. It's for the Chicago Hornets. Not to much to say about this either. Enjoy.So that's 2 down. Does anyone read this anymore? if so comment bellow

Turn Ahead the Clock NHL 2

I did this a while back. I came across it the other day, and decided to post it on the boards. Most comments were negative, so I made some new concepts. First is for the Caps. I think this one is A LOT better than my first set. I decided to use the "Weagle" on the front. I wanted to try to wrap it around the jersey. I turned the name plate onto the side. Enjoy.When the MLB did Turn Ahead the Clock night, some logos were made futuristic. I was looking for teams to do, and I came across the 3-D chrome Flyers logo, and I had an idea flash into my head. Just see what came to me.What do you guys think? Comment below.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Old Time Football League: pt 1

I started doing the concepts for this today, once I got the template done. The first is for the Boston Shamrocks. Nothing out of the ordinary here. On the helmets, I put a shamrock, with the respective players number. Enjoy!Comment please. I have another one done, but I'll post it later.

Old Time Football League

Watching the "Greatest Game Ever Played" special gave me an idea for some concepts. I want to make a 10 team league set back in the 1950's. Logos and jerseys will be similar to the ones they used back then. Examples: Logos, Jerseys. So here are the
10 cities that will get teams.

New York Skyliners
Chicago Hornets
Boston Shamrocks
San Francisco
St. Louis
Washington DC

If anyone objects to the cities, post your opinions. I also need team names, so can you please help?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

RtMLB: Nationals

Hey guys. I have my redesign for the Nationals. I wanted a classic design to go with a city with has history. Washington had a baseball team from 1901 to 1971, until the team moved to Minnesota. I wanted to use logos from the past. So I had lots to chose from. For the primary, I used this logo used from '36-'47. Then one of the more iconic of logos, Mr. Senator. I put 16 stars around him, because of the number of teams in the National League. I updated each logo with the new teams colours. I left the W cap logo, and added a DC cap logo. I wanted a cursive font. I couldn't recreate a decent script. I asked Speedy if I could use the scripts he created. Enjoy!Now on to the jerseys. I didn't change much. I changed the numbers, and the alternate cap.What do you think? Comment.

RtMLB: Red Sox

Hey everyone. I have my redesign for the Red Sox, that I did a while ago, I just never got it posed.

Hey once again for the 10th team in this little series of mine. Now to a team that teaches Boston youth how to spell socks wrong. Why are they called the Sox anyway? But that's another thread. In this series I noticed that many teams share a red, and blue colour scheme. So if I get a chance to change it, I normally do. This concept is no exception. I changed the Sox midnight navy, to Fenway Green. Appropriate right? This concept may take a wile to get use to, OK maybe a really long time. I mean you cant get use to a colour change after 100 years of history, though most sox fans don't want to remember 86 of them . Enjoy!Now onto the jerseys. I kept them relatively the same, except for changing the colours. Now I have a special green jersey.Not a lot of people didn't like it, what do you think?

Winter Break

Hey guys. I have 2 weeks off school, so that means, I'll be doing lots of art. My first priority is to post work, that I never got posted. So stay tuned for that.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

RtMLB: Blue Jays

Hey guys, kind of a "Spur of the moment" concept, for the Blue Jays. Not much of a concept, more of a nicely tuned recolouring. Chris uploaded new WBC logos on the mother site, but this one caught my eye. It gave me an idea for a logo, with the Toronto skyline. So I made it, but I wanted more. So I used it as a logo for a Blue Jays redesign. I remember in 2004 when the Jays released their new logos. I thought they were the coolest thing ever. Now, not so much. It looks more like a rat, than a Blue Jay. I know how much everyone loves the original logo, so I used it. I didn't like the way the lighter blue looked, so I turned it into powder blue, to match the jerseys(spoiler alert!). I also kept the grey colour, instead of red. I also used the script from the 90's logos. Enjoy.Oh and the skyline from the 4th logo is from the logo from the link. Now to the jerseys. I think the Blue Jays have the best look in the league with their powder blue jerseys, and the white hats. So I made that the away set.I wasn't sure If I was overdoing the powder blue, so I made another set, with a different light blue colour, and a grey away, I'll post it later if you want.

C&C on these please

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Concept tutoring

Hey guys. I have an idea. I want to help some people. I'm offering concept tutoring. I'll tell you my tips, and secrets. Just an idea. If you want to join in, email me.

RBK Uniform Resources: UPDATED

Hey guys. I posted my Anaheim Ducks redesign on the boards, and I got torched. I messed up a lot. One thing was that the jersey I crated didn't follow any of the RBK templates. That bugged me, so I decided to make the RBK templates on my template. Here they areJust to prove that they work, I made the Thrashers away jersey.SO if you want to enjoy them with me, Email me and I'll give you the clear version of them!

Updated it with the Calgary, and 2 All-Star game templates. Email for those

I'll try to make football jersey templates tomorrow

Friday, December 5, 2008

RtMLB: Yankees

Hey guys. I have my next redesign. It's for New York's favorite team(oh don't act surprised Mets fans) The New York Yankees. I didn't change much, because of history. I don't like them much, but I understand the history of the team. The primary they use now is like 80% red, even though they don't use red anywhere else. I planned to make the logo with as many stars as championships, then I remembered, they have 26... So here the logo set is!On the jerseys I didn't change much. I added Yankees script to the road, and alternate jerseys. Enjoy.Now I have a special jersey. I decided to have a retro looking jersey. They could wear it for number retirements, or something.So there's that set. C&C please
I'll see if I have any sketches for the next team. I think the Cubs.

Las Vegas Aces

Hey guys. I haven't done much recently. I've been busy with the MLF project. Speaking of that. I have my logos for my team, The Las Vegas Aces. I wanted a simple logo set. Here it is.You guys know me by now, I made jerseys! I used the template the Falcons use
What do you think? I plan to make more from my league. I'm doing my rebrand of the Yankees right now. I'll try to get it posted sometime. Send in your concepts!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Minor League Football?

I've had this idea, and I always planned to do it. Since the NFL doesn't have minor leagues. I wanted to make a simulation football league on Madden, that the rosters are made up by Free Agents, former NFL Europa players, and created players. I want to have 8 teams in 8 cities that don't have an NFL teams. But here's where you come in. I will allow 8 people to be GM's of their teams.They will run everything. Trades, Roster managements, etc.

The format will be simple. 2 divisions of 4. East, and West divisions. A regular season that will consist of 10 games. 2 games vs each division opponents, and 1 vs other division teams. We will have a college football style division championship. The 2 teams with the best division records play for the division championship. The winners will play for the Title.

Each team will have logos and uniforms. Then I will do my best to transfer them on to Madden.

It's just the beginning of the long project, but I think we could have fun with this. Contact me if you want to get in on this fun!

Here's the new site:

Tampa State University

Happy December to all! I have my final products of my fake college, Tampa State. We only had to make 3 teams, but I made 5. I wanted to use colours that represent the state of Florida. So I used the colours from the Clearwater Threshers. A red, Blue, and Sand combo. Here's the Logos.I'll go in order as I did them. I started with football. Nothing special, I used the Manatees script across the front, true college team style. So here this is.Next I did basketball. I used a simple pattern.Next I did baseball. I made the road jersey tan. I also made the alternate, like the MLB's BP uniforms.I only had to do 3 sports, but I didn't stop there. I did 5. Soccer and Hockey. For soccer, I added a new logo, a crest to fit most soccer logos. I also used boating flag patterns in the logoLast is for hockey. This is my least favorite one. Just seems boring to me. I didn't know what else to add. So make suggestions.So that's my fake college. I have a BIG idea, that involves me starting a new blog. See the next post for details.

Tottenham Soccer

Hey everyone today I made my first soccer concept! I was looking through the soccer logos and noticed that only a few teams in the English Premier League didn't have a shield logo. One of those teams was Tottenham, so I took the liberty of creating one for them. I used a vintage logo and part of the MLS's Toronto FC logo. So I think it turned out pretty well, better than some that the league has. For the jerseys I basically just recolored a set that is already in use.So what do you think? Comment to let us know. Well that's all for now. See you next time!