Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Fantasy Hockey Identity

Hey gang, and Happy Holidays!

So this guy in the BayMen's league didn't really have an actual logo set. He just used an outline of Alaska, with the big dipper stars inside. So I offered to do him a logo set.

I was messing around with colours, and stumbled upon this beautiful scheme. I'm a sucker for 2 shades of brown. But I just threw some elements together, because all he said was he wanted was an outline of Alaska with the stars, so I did it. Here's the logos.

I decided to put the Alaska flag in there, so I could put it as a shoulder patch in the jerseys. They have an older style, just stripes and stuff. The number font matches the script. Hmm nothing that crazy. Enjoy!
So C&C please!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

San Francisco Bay Men Identity

Here's the identity of my new fantasy hockey team I took over recently.

Alright, first off, props go out to Firefly for the original set, which I updated.

I chose the colours based off a few things. Navy, and aqua for the water, and orange which is for the Golden Gate bridge, and the Giants. The primary logo is Firefly's logo, updated with my colours and script. The SF alt is based off his, which had SF on an anchor. I did the same. Not really much to say...

I went with a non RBK edge cut with the jersey, and kinda made up a design. I call the alternate, the Golden Gate alt. I call it that because It uses the bridge logo, and the orange colour. The partial logo is the main logo on the crest.

So how'd I do? Comment below.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Moar Fan Art!

Hey guys. Our friend Jon sent in some more concepts for the Big 10! This time it was Northwestern, and the Gophers.

Northwestern, he put some steeler stripes on the sleeves, and added a black alt. He put the N logo with a wildcat on the shell. Hmm if you comment, and point out anything else do it.
Gopher time! So some Colt type stripes going on here, instead of the crappy piping. The one thing that sticks out is the cool yellow alt. Pretty creative there. He made a white helmet, which is new. Pretty good if you ask me.
So leave a comment, and tell us how Jon did! Send in your art, and it WILL get posted.

Update on my projects, I'm just messing with a few things at a time, and will try to get some posts this weekend.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

UF, FSU, and The U

I've been working on these for the last week, but I just get to post them after the Gators lose! This set of concepts are for the 3 major teams in Florida, UF, FSU, and The U. Come to think of it, all of these were influenced by the Nike Pro Combat set they wore.

21/120 Florida
Since my last one sucked, here's my new Gators concept. I used the stripes they have now, but changed them slightly. All of their stripes go Orange-Blue-White-Blue-Orange. I made the middle stripe the colour of the body of the jersey. Then on the middle stripe, I added a gator skin pattern. pretty revolutionary. I wasn't a fan of the white helmets, until the Pro Combat set was played in. I used it here. I brought back the Orange jerseys that Emmit Smith wore during his tenure in Gainesville. Here it is!
Here's a close up of the stripes.

22/120 Florida State
Since this was one of the best Pro Combat sets released, I based this concept off of it. Lets see... I used the updated numbers. I used the feather from that set on the collars, and pants. The arrow is an updated one, that I found online. I believe it's Rare Design's. I put the FSU logo on the sleeves. The alternate is an all black for the Unconquered tradition.
23/120 Miami
Pro Combat focused on an aspect of the logo. Part orange, part green. The numbers were, and on the stripe on the pants, both sides were different. I had an idea like this, but never finished. I did that idea on the white jersey. I pretty much made up most of the rest, like the little stripes at the end of each big stripe. The sleeve cuffs are 2 different colours, see my nifty presentation for that. Oh! I made the primary orange, a throwback to the Burney Kosar era.

Comments, yo.

I might take a break for a few weeks on the NCAA concepts. I have baseball conditioning, no ideas, and an idea for a truly EPIC series.

Fan Art!?

Hey guys, I have some fan art I never posted!

One is an old concept from my buddy TC over at The Clubhouse. I'm sure he forgot he did this... It's for my team, the Rays. Their current alternate jersey has blue wording, on a blue jersey. He changed it to white on blue.

Not bad. But I think I like the blue on blue more, to be honest.

Next is a concept for the Illini. This was done by a student at THE Ohio State University. Sorry, I forget your name. With this, he did a pretty out there concept. He used a spear logo, which doesn't look all that bad. Personally, I think it's better than their current piping nightmare.
Gotta love my old template!

He said he was going to work on some more Big 10 schools, and I waited for another email. I haven't gotten one, so I decided to post it.

Alright fellow SLS-ers. I have some announcements. I'm 1 concept away from posting another set of NCAA jerseys. Then I'm gonna take a break from that, and work on one of the coolest concept ideas I've ever had. It is also a collaboration with our sister site, The Clubhouse. Look forward to that.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jacksonville Captains

So a friend of mine wanted me to do a fantasy set for a team on the CCSLC boards. The team is the Jacksonville Captains, which he made up. Not much to explain about this concept, so here it is.

I'm actually in this fantasy league. I took over a team that was 3-17 last season, and of right now, I'm 5-0.

Well that's all I have currently, I'm working on some more NCAA concepts, and another fantasy set, but this one is for me. I also am working on and off on a project set to come out this summer. Just you wait.