Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steve Yzerman's NHL: Los Angeles

Los Angeles Kings
I've always thought that the crown logo was overcluttered. Then they release the new set and it is such a step down logo wise. To me, the Kings never have really had a logo set that I truly love. I went out to work on that stat. Just like the Sharks and Lightning, I had to make it simple and bold.

Instead of making a logo from scratch, I thought the crown's shape was just what I wanted. It was just how I'd use it. I changed the points, even though it all looks slightly the same. Instead of circles, I used diamonds. I thought it looked more like jewels. I just went with what will get the look across that it is a crown, without being too out there with it. Simplicity is the key. I needed an alt, so i just went with the shape they used for a time with a similar color scheme. I also introduced a new script. The same is found on the numbers, which you will see.
On the jerseys, I've had this idea the whole time. The Habs' look is great, and could be used again. With this, it makes the logo pop out, and the white's contrast on black makes the look sharp. I DID decide on monochrome for this one, so calm down. The white is just a white version of the home, so nothing crazy.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steve Yzerman's NHL: San Jose

No secret I loved the original blue and white Lightning set. I think with some tweaks, my team might be one of the best looking in the league. 

 Anywho, I thought it would be fun to piss everyone off and make some more teams Yzermanized. Just say that word out loud. It's fun. I might do teams from all over time, but I wanted to do some teams that are more modern. I thought it would be kinda fun, and I could work on my logo skills. 

 San Jose Sharks 
No doubt I was going to use aqua. They were my first choice in doing this. I used to really like the current set, but now I keep finding things wrong with it. I love the simple design, and orange. I just used to like them more. The logo does look robotronic, and I'm not a fan of the full body shark either. So I wanted to simplify the logo, design and color wise. 

 I actually start backwards. Script, alternate, then primary. But I found a font, customized it, and moved on. The alt is an updated fin logo, and it looks like the one I sketched. Love it when that happens. Then the primary got me. I retraced the shark, and changed it up. I got rid of the stick because, you don't do that to your stick! It took me forever to get everything right, I didnt have the white highlight and tried doing things like that, but I ended up just reusing the one from the current primary.
The jersey. They need to be simple. So I did it. Two stripes like the 2008 Canada jersey, that was what I based it off. One major thing... WHITE PANTS. I wanted aqua. But I didn't want to go overboard. So I did something completely stupid, and never worn on the ice. Well, officially. Everything else is by the book. I did put front numbers, but that's the only crazy thing I did with the rest of the uniform.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

San Francisco Bay Men

This is a concept for my fantasy hockey team. I realized how crappy that old set was, and how much better could make it... So I did my thang and made some logos and jerseys. I did want to keep the same basic primary with the man holding a stick. I retraced it, changed it for consistency purposes. The secondary is my Seals' SF logo inside a boat steering wheel. The font simply matched and is classy looking.
I wanted sleek looking jerseys, and I felt like I did it. The stripes are used on everything, and I kept it the same on the home and road. The alt is a Canadiens' stripe with the alt logo on the front.