Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steve Yzerman's NHL: San Jose

No secret I loved the original blue and white Lightning set. I think with some tweaks, my team might be one of the best looking in the league. 

 Anywho, I thought it would be fun to piss everyone off and make some more teams Yzermanized. Just say that word out loud. It's fun. I might do teams from all over time, but I wanted to do some teams that are more modern. I thought it would be kinda fun, and I could work on my logo skills. 

 San Jose Sharks 
No doubt I was going to use aqua. They were my first choice in doing this. I used to really like the current set, but now I keep finding things wrong with it. I love the simple design, and orange. I just used to like them more. The logo does look robotronic, and I'm not a fan of the full body shark either. So I wanted to simplify the logo, design and color wise. 

 I actually start backwards. Script, alternate, then primary. But I found a font, customized it, and moved on. The alt is an updated fin logo, and it looks like the one I sketched. Love it when that happens. Then the primary got me. I retraced the shark, and changed it up. I got rid of the stick because, you don't do that to your stick! It took me forever to get everything right, I didnt have the white highlight and tried doing things like that, but I ended up just reusing the one from the current primary.
The jersey. They need to be simple. So I did it. Two stripes like the 2008 Canada jersey, that was what I based it off. One major thing... WHITE PANTS. I wanted aqua. But I didn't want to go overboard. So I did something completely stupid, and never worn on the ice. Well, officially. Everything else is by the book. I did put front numbers, but that's the only crazy thing I did with the rest of the uniform.

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