Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adidas Championship Division: Part 3

Motor City FC
The first one I did, actually. I just kinda wen with what felt good here. I did a winged wheel here, with what looks to be an arrowhead design behind it. Motor City FC going across the top, also 2010 for good measure. I like the jerseys a lot more than the logo. Kind of based the piping off an adidas template, which I've done before. Then ran stripes down the back a la Germany from 32 in 32. Chevy is the sponsor, since, you know, they're black and gold.

Ottawa 1867
One thing across the pond that some soccer teams do, that we don't over here is have a year in their name. 1867 is the equivalent to 1776 here in America. Ottawa has a consistent colour scheme in black and red. Though the in-provence rivalry that'd be set up with Toronto FC, which use red and graphite as a scheme. I had to make it different, so I went the black route. Notice the nod to the Sens' stripes. The logo is a combination of a few things, such as a maple leaf... and a circle... Yeah. Instead of a sponsor, I put the team name on the stripes. THe only thing I really don't like is the black jersey's name across the stripe.

Tampa Bay Rowdies
My team!

Some things. I went back to the original set a few times. I did the original colours, with the original hoop sleeve shoulder designs. Then the original script is used in the logo. The logo, I wanted to make my own, but keep it simple. Green and yellow stripes, broken up by the crest, and script. Also, one star for the NASL Championship. I thought Outback Steakhouse would be a good sponsor, so thats cool. Hoop socks to throw a tie in with the sleeves. And thats really it.

St. Louis Olympic
This one really started out as a silly team name, but it works. FACT St. Louis hosted the 1906 Summer Olympics. St. Louis has French heritage, being a big port back in the day. There is a Fleur-de-leis in the city flag, so that explains my logo a little. It's a fleur with an Olympic flame on top. The words are the ones from the current AC St. Louis set. The colours are also Budweiser colours. I wanted to have some pin stripes in the league,and I used them here. I put them on the front, with piping running around. Comment!

Only 4 more, and no telling when that will get up.

Baltimore Orioles

14/30 Baltimore Orioles
I wanted to do a throwback to previous sets, and I think some new things, mixed with old would work. The orange is slightly lighter, I wanted a lighter set as a whole. I used a Oriole head logo instead of the full body. This was the one before the well known one, look it up. I like the Maryland flag logo as a sleeve patch. The primary is the same logo with the bird head on it. Also, I put the O's logo on the bird cap for effect.

I really like the O's jerseys now, but I'd make a few changes. The piping is the same, but the O's logo is on the cap instead of the bird. The road is the same, with the bird logo on the cap. I made an orange alt instead of a black alt. I went with white things, with black outlines instead of the other way around. Also made a concept cap to make it lighter.

And for all of you guys looking for the Adidas Championship, I'll have a new post up this weekend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Los Angels Angels

13/30 Los Angeles Angels
No Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of the California Republic. Simplify it down, and make it just Los Angeles. 2 things any LA team needs is an LA logo, and Los Angeles script. So I did do that. The A logo is the same, with a simple addition to the primary. I came up with the alt logo before the primary, and it seemed so simple after I figured out it looked good. FACT the Angel's vests are superior to the regular. I used them here. Nothing really else to say, just vests.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some Requests

Hello guys, I saw we have some new visitors here, and I wanted to keep up on the concepts. I have 2 requests to show you all. First, is for a team in my Minor League Football league. They moved to Lincoln this past season, and never had a logo set. I was asked to do it, since I haven't been that involved in the league. A thing about me, is that I love dual brown colours. I went with that here, somewhat tying into the Pioneer scheme. The logo I used d most is a covered wagon I traced. The secondary is a P over the shape of Nebraska. I wanted to go with a simple jersey, but have it modern at the same time. I put the scripts on the helmet just to be different.

This last one is for my friend's fantasy college basketball(?) team. His logo wasn't that good, and he knows it. I like to base sharks logos off the epic Clearwater Threshers logo. I changed it up though, to make the logo it's own. I did simple things for the alternate logos, too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Florida Everblades

"I feel like working on a concept. A hockey one on my new temp. Oh sweet, the Everblades logo is in .svg on wikipedia" -raysox
"do it." -TC

And then it was born!

I think this team has one of the coolest logos around. They have navy home jerseys, a white road, and a green alternate. I think that a green home would fit so much better, since the mascot is a gator. I went with simple stripes, and an outline of a shoulder yoke. Then it hit me. I still have the pattern that I used on my Florida Gators concept last year. I vectorized that, made it dark green and it worked out great. Under each stripe I put the gator skin pattern not trying to overkill it. The white is the same as the home with the colours reversed. The third is a nod to the blue current set, with a classier feel.Here it is!

Hoped you like the concept dump! I have some more for tomorrow. Also, check out Stadia Arcadia.

USA Aussie Rules

I've never done one of these, but actually this was a request!

I was asked if i could take a shot at the US Aussie Rules team's jersey. Their jersey now is pretty weak, so I said sure why not. Aussie jumpers normally have stripes, and why wouldn't I use it on here? I used some stars and some stripes. I made a new logo for good measure.

If you haven't seen an Aussie Rules game, they're pretty cool. I looked up the rules, then started to get it.

Adidas Championship Division: Part 2

Indiana Premier FC
I found the lack of chevrons on the jersey/crest in the MLS kinda lame. I think that chevrons look really good if used right. There also is no purple in the league. I wanted to try new things, and new colours so this concept knocked out both of it. It had to be a darker purple so it would at least be a little bit fierce. The dark purple-Las Vegas Gold seems to pop. The name is somewhat based off the new name of my sister's soccer team. I thought the name Premier really was cool for a soccer team. I had to use chevrons on the front, the ones from the crest. Some designing went on to make a new adidas cut. The sponsor went on the back, simply because there was no place to put them on the front. With the removal of the sponsor on the front, I added numbers! Neat! How'd I do?

New York Cosmos
The LA Galaxy of their time, and one of the most successful soccer team in NASL history. There are talks of bringing a second team to New York, and this is the way to do it if they do. Plus, with a throwback 1970s team, it gives the hipsters a team to root for, because it's ironic.

I wanted to update the logo. But, I just can't. It's fantastic already, it truly is. The kits back then were pretty simple, so I had a blank set. Had to go with a collar too. I'd say this is one of my favorite concepts in this.

AC Phoenix
I really like diamond soccer logos, and wanted one in the league. Well, I got to work it in here. The top of the crest is the flag of Arizona, then on the bottom, the crest of the city of Phoenix. Normally, if someone sees Red/Yellow they go OMG MCDONALDS LOL. Try to see past that please, the colours fit really well. Off center stripe running down the right. I thought the adidas logo, and crest should go on the stirpe, with a sponsor. To balance it out, I put front numbers. A sublimated flag of Arizona. C&C

Minnesota Owls SC
This one was funny in it's planning. I had mentioned one day to TC how there should be more Owl teams. Then later I mentioned how "Super Bowl", can be turned into "Superb Owl". Then thought it would be funny if the Minnesota team were the Superb Owls, because there isn't any in Minnesota. And thus it was born! Brown/Yellow/Light brown= fantastic colour scheme. I went with that here, and it tied into the owls. I noticed I didn't have many crazy designs, and just simple cliche soccer ones. I remembered the breaks in adidas templates, and just kinda made up my own because I could! I went with a yellow clash instead of a white, just for personal preference.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cleveland Indians

Note, I updated the Rays' set. Linked here, I posted on the same post.

12/32 Cleveland Indians
I went to a Rays-Indians game recently, and the whole time I was noticing how lame the Tribe's set was. Chief Wahoo has random strokes on the feather, and teeth. The outlines are inconsistent, too. I have a Wahoo vector, but it was beyond repair, that means I had to trace it all by myself I fixed everything I mentioned, and added some white to the feather as an update. I dropped the block script/cap logo. I used the cursive fonts, with the C from Cleveland in a new hat logo. Simply a C with the feather. Lastly on the logos, I made the red more red, than a pinkish colour. The jerseys aren't much different. One thing I noticed was the NOB were weird in the sense that there was too many layers. Though, it looked better this way. For some reason, I thought they had a navy alt with the primary logo on the chest, turns out they didn't. So I just made one!

Minnesota Twins

11/30 Minnesota Twins
I got help on this one from an ACTUAL Twins fan!

I think the current set is great, but could be changed. The primary, I just got rid of the Minnesota Baseball Club circle, nothing special. I like the current TC logo, but I thought of a way to maybe tie it in to the set better. The T from the Twins script fused with the wishbone c to make the new cap logo. Minne and Paul shaking hands on a logo for a patch on a sleeve. Then a new idea for the Minnesota script on the roads. TC suggested a slanted c on the cap but I wasnt feeling it.

The jerseys have some of the current influence, then some of me. The cap logo is all the same. So is the home jersey, pinstripes just work. The numbers have the shadow and such like the script. The roads also have pinstripes unlike the roads now. The names have an outline to seperate. the alternate just has red piping on a navy jersey, basically the current

Milwaukee Brewers

10/30 Milwaukee Brewers
I like the current scripts and cap logos, but I also like the old barrel guy and colours. I mixed the two with this concept. One thing, I did NOT use the ball in glove logo like EVERYONE who has ever done a Brewers concept ever before. The current cap logos and scripts look great so I used them. I made a B cap logo for an alt cap. The barrel man is a must, it is just soooo awesome. The primary started out as stripes like the barrel man. But it looked odd, so I just kept it as pinstripes which changed my decision on the home jerseys.

Originally I just had a plain white home, but like I said above I put pinstripes. I like the current numbers, so I used them with the same shadow effect. No weird names though, just plain block. Here. Look at it. Now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adidas Championship Division: Part 1

Atlanta Rovers FC
For my first team, this is Atlanta Rovers FC. I went with a somewhat European name, just because the Silverbacks is pretty weak. I remembered doing a request for Flame for his team the Peachtree Wanderers. Atlanta being The Big Peach, it was fitting. Wanderers and Rovers have basically the same meaning, so that's where I got that. I decided on Navy and Peach for the colours. I added a deeper peach colour to add contrast to the logo. I went for a sash style on the jerseys, as you can see I did some cliche soccer jersey styles in this series. The last MLS team to use it was the Galaxy, I think. Instead of a plain colour/white set, I thought it would be different to have a navy and peach jersey respectively.

Miami SC Flamingos
Here, let me explain myself. I wanted new colours in the league. New ones that weren't used in the MLS. So obviously pink wasn't. I remembered Palermo in Italy wears pink, so it wouldn't be too ground breaking. Sure Miami has the Strikers, and Miami FC. But I wanted to do something new, and get away from the NASL teams I used in this(This was the last team I started) I'll start with the logo. Well, there has to be a flamingo, obviously. I went with the circle, with breaks in the outline from white to orange. For the jersey, I used the same white to orange thing on the sleeve cuffs. This was essentially an addidas template that I changed a little. Finally, I went with a sponsor for a company from Miami, which was Carnival cruises.

Edmonton Drillers
This one is based off of the old NASL team. I found the NASL logo thread, and liked the Drillers set. They had hoop stripes going around. As far as I knew, only FC Dallas. I kinda just put this on an adidas template so it would fit in. It might look weird, but I thought it worked. I put a script, instead of a sponsor. Then hoop socks cause they're awesome. The logo is updated from the one used back in the 70s. It really didn't need much, just flair.

Carolina Flyers
Here is my favorite of the whole thing. Most people I've shown like it, one saying "I would bandwagon the hell out of this team."

The first airplane that flew built by the Wright brothers was named The Flyer. Simple enough, I settled on that name. What colour represent North Carolina more than Carolina blue. Though I hate the team, I think it's a great colour. The logo is in the shape of a bi plane, with an interlocking CF, surrounded by 3 slashes. They represent the propellers of the biplane, then different colours based on where in the "research triangle" each team is from. Those teams being NC State, UNC, and Duke. The kits themselves were an attempt to mix things up. I didn't want to reuse the same stripes, I did what I could to basically cut the adidas stripes off. Thats pretty much it.

I'll just do 4 at a time.

Adidas Championship Division


I'm sure everyone by now knows about the MLS. It is without a doubt considered the top tier of the US soccer pyramid. One thing thats different, each lower tier, in this case the USL and NASL, are not connected to the top. In European soccer leagues, they have a system of relegation and promotion. Relegation and promotion is a simple idea. The worst 3 teams in the top tier move down to the next tier, while the top 3 in the bottom tier move up. Here's an example, say the Orioles, Indians, and Pirates have the 3 worst records in the MLB. They would go to AAA, and teams like Durham, Indianapolis, and Portland would be in the MLB. So thats basically what this is, a AAA soccer league, but instead of players moving, the teams move. The whole league is in one division, which the MLS would be too.

I chose major cities with NASL soccer roots, current teams, or just a major area that would most likely support a team. For the team names, I wanted to keep it similar to the MLS. What that means is, American style team names, European team names, and NASL team throwbacks.

If you didn't know, every MLS team's jersey is made by adidas. I did the same on this league. The Coca-Cola Championship Division is the name of the second tier in English soccer, that's why I made the name have a sponsor. For the most part, I tried to make my own jerseys, and not have a set difference other than the stripes. These are actually the most in depth I've gone with the jerseys, I made stitching on the designs, way better than the World Cup redesign concepts I've been doing, the ones no one comments on anymore.

tldr a made up soccer league.

I'm working on San Antonio, San Diego, Las Vegas, Baltimore, and Ottawa. But the others are done.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

South Africa Hockey?

Hey, this was a request from an email about doing a concept for the South African hockey team. This is just for fun. I went with a simple design to test my new template. He suggested using the protea flower which is a symbol of South Africa. I put it on a triangle in classic hockey style. How is it?

Seattle Emeralds


My friend New.Era. relocated his fantasy basketball team from Kansas City, to Seattle. I was looking to do a concept, so I took the liberty of doing this for him. He settled on the name emeralds, being that Seattle is the emerald city. The primary is roughly based off the Sonics' logo from the 80s. With the skyline, and Mt. Rainier it ties into the city. The alt logo is the space needle with S and E in the shape of an emerald. I decided to do something fun with the scripts by cutting them in half.

At first, I had a white, green, electric green version of the home and road you see below. He thought electric green was recognizable enough to make it the home. Then he said the Alt should be a white throwback to the former team Seattle 67s in the league we're in. This is also my new logo template! How you like it?

32 in 32: 32/32

Last day!

32/32 Argentina
I decided to put Argentina and Portugal at the end just in case they ended up this far.

Can anyone give me insight? Is Argentina's kit more white or light blue? I decided to go with white, so there would be more of a differential. I nixed the black shorts, and made them navy only using 4 colours in the whole set. Just some random design cutting off the stripes here. I thought a collar would look good on this set, and I think it did. Light blue is used a lot just to make it up.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

32 in 32: 31/32

31/32 Portugal
It's coming to an end. D:

I really liked the white jersey they brought to South Africa. That was the basis for both sides. The vertical stripe on the white, i put it on the red horizontally like the Canadiens jersey. Thats pretty much it for Portugal.

Friday, July 9, 2010

32 in 32: 30/32

30/32 Cameroon
Sorry for the delay. The boards were down this afternoon.

So where do I start. In 2002, they wore a sleeveless look, then Fifa banned them. So this is somewhat a throwback to it. I put some puma signitures on it with the bottom part, and the sleeve sublimated pattern. the rest is basically pretty simple for puma.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

32 in 32: 29/32

29/32 Serbia
Their current homes are the red and blue cross deal, while their clash is maroon and gold like the crest. That bugged me, so I had to do something about it in this concept. As you can see, I made them the same, with different colours. Similar to the Arsenal kits last season, just because both are Nike. I used the style of socks from the Dutch set, because I hadn't used it since.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

32 in 32: 28/32

28/32 Greece
Here is one of my favorite concepts. Greece uses this template that adidas uses same with about every other team. It's simple, but could use something. I added flair to it, with sublimated stripes to match the Greek flag. Does anyone else just love that logo? It's just clean, simple, and to the point.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

32 in 32: 27/32

27/32 Switzerland
This idea goes back to a concept I once did. It was for Canada, and I had the hoops, but put maple leafs. I remembered that, and instead put the crest of Switzerland. Pretty simple. I put some Puma design that I've used on other concepts on it. FACT, the logo has the 3 letters, which are the official names of Switzerland in 2 languages. Enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

32 in 32: 26/32

26/32 Slovenia
They really have the best colour combo in the whole thing. I took the gradients out of the logo, and made it basically the same otherwise. Instead of Green/yellow, I used the lime green from the logo and gave it a cool modern feel. The mountains from the current set on the front, but with piping to cut them off, instead of by the hem under the arm. Nike design on the other parts.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

32 in 32: 25/32

25/32 Chile
With this, all I really did was make a fun design on a nike template. They use some small company as their manufacturer, and I wanted to keep the whole thing at 3 kit makers(4 if you want to include umbro, which is a part of nike.) I kept the red/blue/white set that they've always wore, then all white on the clash kit.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

32 in 32: 24/32

24/32 Algeria
Here is one you've probably not thought of. This Algeria concept was inspired by the flag. I made the shorts white, because I'd rather have a clash green kit. I bet a bunch of you say that I can't do that. I made the names and numbers red, to match the flag, with the red symbol in the middle. I kind of updated the current logo, since I couldn't find it in svg.

Friday, July 2, 2010

32 in 32: 23/32

23/32 Brazil
Kinda based these on ManU's recent kits, since Brazil is a Nike team. Kept the yellow/blue/blue, since I don't like the yellow/blue/white they've worn. The clash jersey is blue/blue/white, with the same design. I tried to do some of that gradient that nike has used on pro combat(aka halftone gradient.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Snap!

Yesterday was 2 years!

Hardly any comments!

32 in 32: 22/32

22/32 Spain
Let me say this, Spain's navy>>>>>the royal blue. As you can see, I put that in the thinking behind my concept. I thought it was time to include some fun design on a concept to ad to the adidas striping. I vectorized the last logo, just because I thought this one went better with concept. Plus, the other logo is ridiculous.