Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adidas Championship Division


I'm sure everyone by now knows about the MLS. It is without a doubt considered the top tier of the US soccer pyramid. One thing thats different, each lower tier, in this case the USL and NASL, are not connected to the top. In European soccer leagues, they have a system of relegation and promotion. Relegation and promotion is a simple idea. The worst 3 teams in the top tier move down to the next tier, while the top 3 in the bottom tier move up. Here's an example, say the Orioles, Indians, and Pirates have the 3 worst records in the MLB. They would go to AAA, and teams like Durham, Indianapolis, and Portland would be in the MLB. So thats basically what this is, a AAA soccer league, but instead of players moving, the teams move. The whole league is in one division, which the MLS would be too.

I chose major cities with NASL soccer roots, current teams, or just a major area that would most likely support a team. For the team names, I wanted to keep it similar to the MLS. What that means is, American style team names, European team names, and NASL team throwbacks.

If you didn't know, every MLS team's jersey is made by adidas. I did the same on this league. The Coca-Cola Championship Division is the name of the second tier in English soccer, that's why I made the name have a sponsor. For the most part, I tried to make my own jerseys, and not have a set difference other than the stripes. These are actually the most in depth I've gone with the jerseys, I made stitching on the designs, way better than the World Cup redesign concepts I've been doing, the ones no one comments on anymore.

tldr a made up soccer league.

I'm working on San Antonio, San Diego, Las Vegas, Baltimore, and Ottawa. But the others are done.

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