Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adidas Championship Division: Part 1

Atlanta Rovers FC
For my first team, this is Atlanta Rovers FC. I went with a somewhat European name, just because the Silverbacks is pretty weak. I remembered doing a request for Flame for his team the Peachtree Wanderers. Atlanta being The Big Peach, it was fitting. Wanderers and Rovers have basically the same meaning, so that's where I got that. I decided on Navy and Peach for the colours. I added a deeper peach colour to add contrast to the logo. I went for a sash style on the jerseys, as you can see I did some cliche soccer jersey styles in this series. The last MLS team to use it was the Galaxy, I think. Instead of a plain colour/white set, I thought it would be different to have a navy and peach jersey respectively.

Miami SC Flamingos
Here, let me explain myself. I wanted new colours in the league. New ones that weren't used in the MLS. So obviously pink wasn't. I remembered Palermo in Italy wears pink, so it wouldn't be too ground breaking. Sure Miami has the Strikers, and Miami FC. But I wanted to do something new, and get away from the NASL teams I used in this(This was the last team I started) I'll start with the logo. Well, there has to be a flamingo, obviously. I went with the circle, with breaks in the outline from white to orange. For the jersey, I used the same white to orange thing on the sleeve cuffs. This was essentially an addidas template that I changed a little. Finally, I went with a sponsor for a company from Miami, which was Carnival cruises.

Edmonton Drillers
This one is based off of the old NASL team. I found the NASL logo thread, and liked the Drillers set. They had hoop stripes going around. As far as I knew, only FC Dallas. I kinda just put this on an adidas template so it would fit in. It might look weird, but I thought it worked. I put a script, instead of a sponsor. Then hoop socks cause they're awesome. The logo is updated from the one used back in the 70s. It really didn't need much, just flair.

Carolina Flyers
Here is my favorite of the whole thing. Most people I've shown like it, one saying "I would bandwagon the hell out of this team."

The first airplane that flew built by the Wright brothers was named The Flyer. Simple enough, I settled on that name. What colour represent North Carolina more than Carolina blue. Though I hate the team, I think it's a great colour. The logo is in the shape of a bi plane, with an interlocking CF, surrounded by 3 slashes. They represent the propellers of the biplane, then different colours based on where in the "research triangle" each team is from. Those teams being NC State, UNC, and Duke. The kits themselves were an attempt to mix things up. I didn't want to reuse the same stripes, I did what I could to basically cut the adidas stripes off. Thats pretty much it.

I'll just do 4 at a time.

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  1. Love the work. Being from NC and not having a top-tier team to follow locally is frustrating. I designed a NC team in PES 2009 and spent quite some time with it but it wasn't nearly as awesome as this.