Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NFL Pro Combat 8

A few basic things changed to start. All of the colors changed. The electric blue became bluer, the black is now a dark navy, and the silver is a different shade. The blue jersey differs it from the rest of the nfc south. New scripts, nameplates, and numbers introduced, with a panther slash effect. Slashes are located on the sleeves, and pants. The numbers were dropped to the underbase layer.

I wanted to go orange, but didn't. A lot of stripes are the reasoning for the saying "earn your stripes" The helmet stripes(hah!) stayed the same, then was transfered onto the pants stripe, and sleeve. Orange was prominent on the white set more than black, to make a sort of "white tiger" effect. A return of the Bengal head logo on the neck.

I went crazy here. I used the gradients again. The outline after the black was changed to yellow from white, which made the logo pop, and added a color to use. Black piping coming from the neck hole, running around the sleeve. The actual sleeve runs yellow down onto the underbase which fades into red. Black was mixed into the numbers. The gradient pant stripes come up again to match.

Hard to change anything. The same effect on everything, dark silver and black give a mean look, and will satisfy the black hole. I did keep the flywire black on the white set for contrast.


NFL Pro Combat 7

A throwback to the dynasty era of the San Francisco 49ers. The only undefeated multiple super bowl champion, which ruled the field in the 80s and 90s. A return to the khaki, and red like the current set. Actual sleeve stripes on the under base, and stripes found on the socks.

A modern approach to this concept. Piping runs up the front, then around the sleeve. The back is a sublimated Arizona flag. Under each piping is a sleeve that differs from the rest of the jersey for contrast. Modern pant striping match the jersey.

Current, mixed with some old school, mixed with consistency. The stripes appear on the sleeves, pants, and helmet. The shoulder yokes like the current appear on the pro combat template on both jerseys. Navy blue was used, and royal blue was dropped completely.

A nice return to consistency. Navy and silver, just one set of navy and silver was used. With stripes like the current white homes. A double outline to somewhat match the sleeve striping. The same stripes are on the helmet and pants. Also, the white remains the primary.

NFL Pro Combat 6

Fast Lane, a motto for the Colts, and a description of the way the Colts offense runs. Led by Peyton Manning, a no huddle offense is always running. The horeshoe motif transferred onto the stripes of the jersey. The look goes back to the Baltimore days, with the only real change is the dots, and new font.

A fight song for the Vikings when they were formed in 1961. Skol in Norwegian means "cheers", basically meaning Go Vikings. In recent years, the Vikings have had a modern set. With modern shoulder designs, that wraps around the back and connects to the other side. An outline of purple was added to the design and numbers to break up light colors

Fight for Old DC is the first line in the Redskins' fight song Hail to the Redskins. A modern twist on a throwback set. The 63-64 teams had a feather stripe running from the back of the helmet, and gold pants. This has a modern feather, with modern colors, with the same stripe from the white jersey of that set.

The Orange Crush was the nickname of the John Elway era Broncos. Known for their hard hits and orange jerseys, the thought of that comes back. New orange primaries, with modern style like the currents. Blue underarms with white piping. Similar striping is located on the pant side.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

NFL Pro Combat 5

Ram it. A song sung by the Los Angeles Rams of old. Since then, the rams have moved, changed colors, and redone mostly everything. Now, with Sam Bradford at the helm, the Rams are working their way back to relevancy. A mix between old and new on this set. The current navy mixed with the LA Rams yellow give it a throwback feel. The helmet horn now matches the logo. A large Rams logo is on the side stands out. Shadowed numbers give the same effect as the horn.

A trowback feel for a team with history. Think Ohio State, graphite pants replacing the current silver. Red is dropped completely, making blue, grey, and white the only used colors. Very simple, and classy look.

The 1972 Dolphins were the only undefeated team in NFL history. Since that season, only one Miami team has won the superbowl, and that was in 1973. A return to the classic aqua. Aqua replaces the current aqua, which becomes the shadow, which was navy. The sleeve stripes from the undefeated season are included, with the current aqua around them. An M is on the helmet to match the logo.

Birds of Prey. A team that has pushed the envelope before with their uniforms, in 2009, Seattle introduced lime green jerseys. The darker blue is on the sleeves like the current set, but it gradients to Seattle blue on the undersleeves. Lime green breaks up the sleeves, and number outline. The numbers are broken up into white and grey.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NFL Pro Combat 4

Don't tread on me, a motto used by the Patriots in colonial time. The New England Patriots live by the same motto. 3 Super Bowls in the 2000s, and constant playoff appearances, the saying still is relevant. A mix of old and new on this set. White helmets, and red jersey like the old Patriots of the American Football League. Similar to the current set, the design wraps around the sleeves making a modern mix on a classic.

Cleveland, a blue collar town filled with hard workers. One thing is the Dawg Pound at Browns games, which is one of the most recognizable fan sections in pro football. The old Browns sleeve stripes are on the underbase layer. The reintroduction of the B-football logo adds to the set as a whole. The Browns, who are showing upside, look to please the Dawg Pound with Nike.

Breaking away from the plain jerseys currently worn, the Eagles new look is both on the field, and being worn on the field. Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy give the Eagles a speed option, compared to the Eagles of the past. Black design under the arms, going on the front and back, added with midnight green and the classic helmet logo. Fly Eagles Fly.

In rebuilding since 1999, the Lions are getting better step by step. A rebrand after the 0-16 season helped Matt Stafford lead the team to the winning path after what seemed like forever. Modern design, and piping run on the sleeve and chest. Now, with Suh, Best, Stafford, Johnson and Vanden Bosch, the Lions hope to restore Pride back in the Motor City.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NFL Pro Combat 3

A raven is a symbol of dark and powerful things, just like the Baltimore Ravens of the 2000s. Led by Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs, the Ravens have had one of the strongest defenses in recent history. A dark helmet with the logo in black form, add to the darkness that a raven projects. A mix of darker purple, and black make the team even scarier. In reference to Edgar Allen Poe, Nevermore.

A strong tradition, with the same look since the early days of the AFL in play for the Jets' Pro Combats. Sleeves the same color, with the old shoulder stripe. Green pants on the white balance out the home and away sets. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.

New Orleans is known for being flashy, as a city. That is why there is a lot of gold in this set. Classic gold helmets, and gold pants go with the black jersey. Simple shoulder stripes, and gold string on the shoulders pop. Gold is being in your face, just like the new attitude of the Saints with Drew Brees and his high flying attack on offense. Who dat say gon' beat them Saints?

This team was formed in the 90s, which explains the modern uniforms. Similar to the Virginia Tech Pro Combats, a design goes from the sleeve to the neck. And with something that hasn't been done before, jaguar spots on the sleeves, and pants add an extra pop to the design. A powder coat of teal go on the helmets, same as the current.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Continental Hockey League

I may not be posting, but I've been doing concepts! Wooo! Here are 12 concepts, I posted 4, and redid one of them. Also I did 8 more. I did not make the Eagles and Racers logos, and the Palms is based off the owner's set.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

NFL Pro Combat 2

Next 4!

The Steel Curtain. A nickname for the defensive dynasty of the 1970s in Pittsburgh. A 4 championship decade, which is finally coming back. 2 championships in 5 years led by the strong defensive stylings of Polamalu and Harrison the Steel Curtain is back. Gradients added to the current uniform add a modern twist on an ageless jersey. The logo features new colors on the diamonds, which match the colors used by the team.

Titletown USA, a NFL record 12 championships belong to Green Bay. The classic look stays on the new Pro Combat. The current sleeve stripes on the sleeves to keep the history. A classy look for the most storied NFL franchise. Led by a cavalcade of young stars like Aaron Rodgers, and Clay Mathews the Green Bay Packers look to add to their title collection.

The Falcons have a mix of young and old leading their team to a lead in the NFC South. A name thrownback to Jamal Anderson's touchdown celebration which has been a part of the Falcons since the 90s. A modern look like the jersey of the new decade, the jersey is sleek like the logo, and team. Matching pants add to the feel of modern team. The connection of Roddy White, and Matt Ryan keep this team dirty.

Since the move from Houston in 1999, the Titans have had the same uniform design. A stripe thatruns from the arm hole to the neck hole over the shoulder. As this team moves forward, making history now, they have a chance to keep a classy jersey. Updated with white and red piping between the navy and light blue. A modern style for a modern team.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NFL Pro Combat 1

Hi. I'm going on a cruise, so I thought I might as well post what I have so far.

A lot of people are doing this, but I wanted to be different. I wanted to do something Nike would actually probably do. A lot of people are making crazy concepts and stuff with no flow(mbannon's are sweet though). I looked and studied the new pro combats, found what works for teams, maybe went with history, or did something future like. I wanted a set up like nike would have, and similar fonts and stuff. Basically, I tried making things realistic.

Here are the first 8

Oh, and the descriptions of them are in the style of procombat. Go here, and click any of the teams. Thought it was a nice touch.

The bucs are a young team, the youngest in the NFL. I could've gone throwback, but I didn't. Fire them cannons is a phrase said a lot in the area, referring to the cannons on the Pirate ship in the northeast endzone. When the Bucs score, or are in the red zone, the cannons go off. That is why I did cannonball pewter and red on this concept. The red is the main color, with pewter helmets, sleeves, and pants. Black runs under each arm, and above each arm. The numbers are the same font as the script, and the practice jersey. Josh Freeman and this young team will be firing them cannons for years to come.

The Bears of the 1940s were nicknamed the Monsters of the Midway. The Monsters won 4 championships in the 40s, just winning 2 since 1946. This is a throwback to those days. Chicago has come out with new throwbacks this season based on the uniforms from the 40s. These uniforms are the same, but with the stripes on the sleeves a la Oregon State. Jay Cutler, and strong defense are leading this team to a winning record, in becoming the new Monsters of the Midway.

The Chargers started playing football in the 60s in the old American Football League. Most of the years following, the home jersey has been light blue. A throwback with modern twists came into play here. A baby blue color, with shoulder designs like the current. The helmet has lightning bolts, with numbers underneath, like the Chargers of old. One of the highest energy offences in the league are truly, Super Chargers.

Don't mess with Texas. A phrase that lives with any Texan. The Houston Texans have a new culture, one that has the ability to be in any game, no matter who it is against. The Texans beat the Colts in game 1 of the season, knocking off the defending AFC champion who was highly favored. This Texans jersey have a Texas feel with the flag on each shoulder when looking at the front. Modern pants, and off color sleeves go along. The roads use a white helmet based on the prototype helmet used before the team played its first game. A group of high draft picks make up this well rounded team, which no one will be taking lightly anymore.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Big East Lacrosse Project

So the idea behind this is making a full on conference for major conferences in the sport of lacrosse. The ACC and Big East both were counted as "D1 Independents" on the NCAA Lacrosse final rankings from last season. The Big East had 7 teams in a mini conference, but thats not what I'm going for! I'm aiming for like 12.

Imagine a full on NCAA lacrosse sport, with all the teams and conferences. Here are the top 4 actual lacrosse teams in the Big East.

1. Syracuse
I went with what the basketball team made work. Blocks that went in order on the pants. I did that, but added it to the sleeves. Simple script and font on the front, and I added some piping for nike, and it felt like it needed something up front.

2. Georgetown
I searched "Georgetown lacrosse", and they had some jerseys which apparently had a sublimated pattern like what you see below. I deiced that would look best. The helmets are grey, just to add some variation from the navy.

3. Notre Dame
It's not really that easy to make a new Notre Dame design. The team is adidas, and they have practice football jerseys similar to this. I matched the stripe color on the way down. Them old gold helmets were also a must on this. I did put some green in it with a sleeve logo.

4. Villanova
The basketball team had some jerseys that had one color on one side, and one on the other. Kinda like so. I wanted that motif, without straying from the original plan. I decided to do a white helmet instead of a navy one. It just balanced things out on the blue top set. If you match the pants with the helmet on football, hockey, lacrosse, or anything, it will have a nice balance and look better.

Rutgers, St. Johns, and Providence are the next couple for sure. Then I can do some new schools! woooo!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Utah Jazz

Hey guys.

Say I who saw the new Jazz set, and was all like WUT. But now like it. Just me? moving on.

I LOVE the colors, but that retro logo is lacking. There is a way to look both modern and retro, like what I went for. The primary is the same, but I used a snowflake/beehive logo back from the Malone/Stockton days. The jerseys I made have the 3 colors on each collar, and waist band. A la the navy and light blue set, I had piping running down, with no filler. I felt that it would look weird with the cuffs. The jerseys now use the Jazz script on the logo, and have 3 outlines to match the stripes. On the court, I wanted to try a two tone, and felt this one looked pretty good.

So yeah, comment

Monday, November 1, 2010

Golden State Warriors

Hey guys. I felt obligated to do some NBA Concepts. I did a Grizzlies one, but it's OKAY. I'll probably fix it later.

ANYWHO. I don't really like the Warriors' "new" set. To an extent, retro works. I like the colors a lot, but prefer the previous primary logo. I changed the logo to have no gradients, which was a killer. I limited it to 3 colors, blue, yellow, and a lighter blue. I went with a Raptors style jersey. I think theyre actually pretty cool, and different. I did include the current primary on the shorts, because compared to the other logos, this is the best. I also did a court concept fer you guys.

I'll do some more soon, but comment for now!