Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dallas Stars

I'm on a hot streak!

I had this idea for the Stars. To move the team on from the Minnesota days, and rebrand with a Texas feel. I made the star similar to a Texas Ranger badge, same design on it. I wanted to give it a badge feel. The St^rs aspect still remains, because in reality, it's pretty sweet. The alt logo is Texas in the same style of the primary. I wanted to include more green in the jersey. It's all black now, but green is unique in the NHL. I ended up using black sparingly, just to add colors.

Comment, please.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Colorado Avalanche

Hey guys! I'm in the mood for some NHL rebrands!

On NHL 10, I'm the Avalanche on GM mode. The more I looked at their uniforms, the more i noticed things that bugged me. So why not? Make changes

To start a total rehaul, you have to start from the top. I thought that it'd be cool if the A had mountain features, like you see below. The same avalanche motif exists crossing the A, but coming from a now capped mountain. THe snow has jagged edges to match the mountain. I also changed the colors. They use maroon/blue/black/silver, thats really too many colors. I dropped the silver, and made the blue light blue, similar to the Colorado Rapids.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fan Art!?

I know right!

So here is a concept done by a fan named Donald. Here is his discription.
Here is a basketball uniform that I just completed. It is the uniform of my elementary school, which was a private Catholic school. I used the styles of the uniforms we had, but updated them a little and added alternate uniforms. Since we were the blazers, and our logo was lightning, the alt. gold uniform was meant to look like it was covered in clouds. I gave the blue alt. uniform the Catholic school plaid on the inserts

I do like the plaid alt. I mean the ideas there! With practice, he could get the program down easy.

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The finals are set, and All-Star voting is on.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept


So my team, the Bolts, got new digs. They aren't bad in my opinion, just bland. The more I see the logos, the more I like. But the jerseys are boring. Well, not so much boring, as not fitting. 2 teams use a scheme thats color/white. Detroit and Toronto, both teams from the original six, have simplistic designs. The Lightning were formed in 1991, so theres not much history. The reason they did, Red Wings legend Steve Yzerman is the new GM. He wanted a simple design like the one he knew in Detroit.

Not that these are better, or that I want them to change logos. But if they were all like "Hey Michael, make our logos." I would've done this. Simple with black and silver reintroduced. The victory stripes remain, like the Lightning jerseys of the last 20 years.

Thats about it!