Sunday, April 29, 2012

Houston Astros Rebrand

So this is part two of who knows how many concepts.

 I've decided that the Astros have the worst logo set in the league. It just doesn't make sense. The scripts are stupid for their nickname and theme, like it's a space themed team, but you want cursive and pinstripes? In anticipation of the move to the AL, I went in a different direction. There will be no purple in the AL. But there is TONS of navy, and there is already a team with the same scheme as the current one. I used deep purple and burnt orange like my Houston Yakball concept. I first started with the A-star logo, which has been done by me, and a few others on here. I ended up with this version instead of one with the line in the A going strait across. Maz helped me decide on this, because it was symmetrical, and looked better. The scripts are a version of agency, arched, with a shadow under, which is an attempt to add depth. So I just pieced the rest together for a set.

 I wanted simple jerseys, and wanted to add tan in the set like I originally planned. So to match MinuteMaid Park, I used the same color they use for a uniform that will never see the field there! On the home alt, I thought a white cap would look really cool, especially when the Longhorns do the same.


Phoenix City YC

I decided on this name a while ago, but didn't know how to make an identity for it. I had the colors to sort of connect them with the city and their teams. I had the phoenix from the city flag, and wanted to incorporate. I used a diamond on a logo from a Phoenix soccer team logo for a past series, and started to sketch. I had two banners on the top and bottom, but they didnt look very good, so I rotated and connected, and REALLY liked that effect. I worked on a set around that logo, and came up with a solid set I thought.

The jersey would for sure have a sublimated flag on the back, so I took that design and made a modern piping looking set and tied it up working with making colors pop off the base.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Think Pink: Tampa Bay Rays

So the first things I sketched was the TB and Rays script, but didn't know what to do with them. I tweaked them, and got the shape of it. In English class, I started to draw a ray based on memory, then all of a sudden I nailed the shape. I had to turn in the notes, but I then drew it like 10 times in a notebook and went with it. I got home and started to work. I knew I wanted to do an effect like a gradient, but similar to the final product. I started to mess around and it turned out looking like this. I just went with it after finalizing the colors. I drew up a Tampa Bay script that matches the Rays, and finalize the logo set. So yeah, I basically cranked this out. Completely drawn on inkscape, and not traced. I put together some uniforms based off the currents, and really REALLY want a cap with the road uniform.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Seattle Orcas

Way too long since the last concept! My laptop charger died, so I had no way of doing concepts. I actually drew this today, made it from scratch on inkscape, and posting it now. This name was pretty set, I just needed a logo. I wanted a native style, but also be modern. I first drew the orca, then thought waves might be cool, and it was set from there. So just some tweaking to the basic shape, then adding details to the fins and highlights to get some Seattle lime green in there.

These were based off of the Sounders' kits in a way. I have a design running around the shoulder, and a navy bar across the front with Jones Soda as the sponsor. The vents under the arms are also navy. Pretty simple.