Saturday, December 19, 2009

San Francisco Bay Men Identity

Here's the identity of my new fantasy hockey team I took over recently.

Alright, first off, props go out to Firefly for the original set, which I updated.

I chose the colours based off a few things. Navy, and aqua for the water, and orange which is for the Golden Gate bridge, and the Giants. The primary logo is Firefly's logo, updated with my colours and script. The SF alt is based off his, which had SF on an anchor. I did the same. Not really much to say...

I went with a non RBK edge cut with the jersey, and kinda made up a design. I call the alternate, the Golden Gate alt. I call it that because It uses the bridge logo, and the orange colour. The partial logo is the main logo on the crest.

So how'd I do? Comment below.

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