Monday, March 5, 2012

Boston YC

I wanted to have Boston have a team similar to the Celtics. I really like that green color, and it would work nicely because they would also play at the Garden. I just couldn't come up with a name similar to Celtics. I wanted a name for an Irish person, similar to the Canucks. Looking at some old concepts, I had a logo for a team called FC Miami Flamingos, with a circle and the same effect. I like what I had, so I put it in green and white. I wanted simplicity throughout. A simple font, a simple alt, and a matching script.
This set was based off of the logo, and inspired from Blackburn's half and half set. It's something different that would be unique in my league. The clash is black to be different from the home, and I thought the green and white pop on the black.


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