Monday, March 5, 2012

Chicago Brigade

Originally, I planned on Tampa having a fire-themed name. Tampa means fire sticks in the Calusa language. But the Great Chicago Fire is more understood, i guess! That, and I thought of a cool name. So I wanted to play off the Fireman theme with this one. I originally had the Fire's crest, but modified it, even though it's similar. I put the 4 Chicago stars from the flag on the bottom part, and arched CHICAGO on the top. I felt like the OKC Thunder font worked well here. THe alternate logo is a helmet and hatchet, to add to the theme. I might work on the hatchet, I think that logo might need some work.

I just did a modern set for this team, and tried a few things. I did the front yellow chest part first, and was going to put a sponsor on it. But I thought some stars would look better. I put numbers above them for balance. Really, I just threw it together, but I like the final product!

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