Monday, March 5, 2012

Houston Supernovas

Someone mentioned the name, and I thought there could be something I could work off of. A supernova is the strongest force in the universe, so the name really would work. That, and they would be Yakball's version of the Sonics. So I didn't want to use black again in the state of Texas, so this concept was predominantly purple. Then, instead of being cliche, I used a burnt orange color instead of yellow. I used a Juventes like oval, and tried to make it dynamic. I got the script and every thing, then I had to fill the empty SPACE. Great pun on my part. First I just tried to make an explosion looking thing. Then, I thought I could have some meaning behind it. There is 13 points in each spike thing, for Apollo 13. Then, in the middle, I used black, because a supernova explosion causes black holes. Pretty cool on my part.

This might be one of my favorites. I wanted something cool and modern. So I did some unbalanced designs. The left arm would be a different color than the rest, with colored swooshes boxing in the front area. I THOUGHT about putting stars and stuff on the purple, but I thought that was too gimmicky.

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