Monday, March 5, 2012

Denver Altitude

I went for a very brown and yellow heavy set. I balanced all I could with some simple striping and piping.

This name was suggested by CJWerks. I wanted a mountain themed concept for the mile high city, so I got the name and ran with it. The colors were set, because it's awesome, and the Broncos ditched them. So I felt like I owed Denver a solid. I was going to have a mountain, with a sleek snow cap, a la Nuggets. But I was looking at logos and found that a mountain that looks solid was the realistic looking mountain like the MLS All-Star game in Salt Lake City. The mile high was put all throughout this concept. The alternate logo is a 5280, which is the number of feet in a mile. I included the number on the primary logo. The alt logo is also on the field between the box line, and the 2 point line.

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