Monday, March 5, 2012

IX Counties Yakball

Suggested by Burmy, the team based in the Bay Area will be known as IX Counties. There are 9 counties that is considered the "Bay Area" in California. I originally had them in San Jose, but with a name like this, I thought they could also play at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. Which brings me to another point, why doesn't San Fran have a decent arena? The idea was to have Sharks teal, Niners gold, and Raiders black. Then I thought a Lightning/Wings/Leafs type concept is needed. I thought that I haven't seen a orange/white team like this, so the decision was easy. I made a crest, and had the Golden Gate Bridge. I wanted simplicity, and there wasn't a great opportunity for an alternate logo. But simplicity was what I wanted.

I wanted to try some stuff Nike would use, with chevrons running down the front. IX Counties only uses orange and white, so the orange had to pop, with a nice contrast. The same pattern is on the pants stripe, too.

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