Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MLB2: Boston Red Sox

24/30 Boston Red Sox
Still taking out some red and blue teams, I may be overdoing it. Boston Red Sox, break down the team. Boston's Irish heritage, Red Sox, so red, and the green monster. That is why it only makes sense to replace navy with green. Not much of a change logo wise. Some minute changes to the primary, but thats it. The jerseys are basically the same, with the changes. The cap is green to go with the current navy. The road scripts are now red, instead of the throwback blue script. I decided to not put names on the back to go with the home's retro feel.


  1. The green cap just doesn't go with the rest of the uniform.

  2. Agreed. I really like the uniforms and logos, but the green hat just clashes with the whole set.