Sunday, May 1, 2011

MLB2: Cleveland Indians

11/32 Cleveland Indians
I went to a Rays-Indians game recently, and the whole time I was noticing how lame the Tribe's set was. Chief Wahoo has random strokes on the feather, and teeth. The outlines are inconsistent, too. I have a Wahoo vector, but it was beyond repair, that means I had to trace it all by myself I fixed everything I mentioned, and added some white to the feather as an update. I dropped the block script/cap logo. I used the cursive fonts, with the C from Cleveland in a new hat logo. Simply a C with the feather. Lastly on the logos, I made the red more red, than a pinkish colour. The jerseys aren't much different. One thing I noticed was the NOB were weird in the sense that there was too many layers. Though, it looked better this way. For some reason, I thought they had a navy alt with the primary logo on the chest, turns out they didn't. So I just made one!

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