Monday, May 17, 2010

Texas Rangers

1/30 Texas Rangers
Looking at a poster in my room, I focused on the Rangers for some reason. I noted that they have the same hat, with 3 different options. They all had a T, with a blue crown, and 2 had a little hint of red. Then I noticed that there wasn't an R logo. Why not start them on a concept? With that, I was off. One thing that sucks is that they use a pretty solid T logo, but use a weird script, with many outlines. I cut those down, and went with a font that would match the new cap logos. The primary is a badge, for the rangers. I added lighting affects, and the shape of Texas. Speaking of which, is an alt logo.

The jerseys are revamped. i like the vest look, and my thinking was that it'd look good with this particular scheme. The numbers are simple MLB block, no need for something fancy. I offered 3 different caps, too.

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