Monday, May 17, 2010

San Francisco Giants

2/30 San Francisco Giants
Keeping it basically the same with this, but making it my own. A few major things, instead of drop shadows, I used dual outlines on almost everything. The primary is probably a hit or miss, but the bottom is the baseball from the current, with the team name, and golden gate bridge on top. The bridge was the main focus for a logo I've done before. It's the G from the script, with a section of the bridge in the middle. Then, FINALLY, I made a script using the same font that says San Francisco. It may be a bit cluttered, but dammit, I finally got a logo like that done.

Onto the jerseys. The same striping style, but the sleeve piping is moved up slightly, not on the edge. The homes now have names on the back, and I kept the off colour. On each set, I changed to a standard block font, instead of the weird wide font they have. The caps are the same as the currents, with my logos. The road features my new script. Here it is!

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