Saturday, May 8, 2010

NHL Playoff Redesign: 5 of 8

Hey guys! Finished my 2 newest ones.

I really like the Blackhawks new alt. Especially the tan part. I worked tan into the home and road, just so it fit better. The home stripes on the sleeves didn't match up with every other stripe on the set. The shoulder logos are recoloured without the bright yellow, and used tan. The road is the same, but the middle white stripes are now tan. The alternate is the same as the Winter Classic. Really a hit or miss here.

On the Preds, I used inspiration from previous jerseys. The end of sleeve white section is now part of the sleeve, a la Bruins' stripe pre-edge. I used a hem stripe connecting the 2 underarm sections like the jerseys of old. The home now has a triangle to match the road crest, and each saber tooth tiger is recoloured to match the new shoulder logo! The N Nashville logo is now on the jerseys, because it is so awesome. It also found its way onto the alternate grey.

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