Friday, April 23, 2010

NHL Playoff Redesign: 4 of 8

Hey guys. Just realized the first team I've done on inkscape was the higher seed!

Devils and Flyers are on today's plate. With New Jersey, I wanted to go beyond red and black. Being me, I happened to love the red and green get ups they had. To be honest, these are just RBK edge versions of the old jerseys. Added a green alt for good measure.

One thing for Phily, I knew I wanted an orange home. Then to keep it up with the jerseys of the past, I made them like how you see. Instead of a plain white hem stripe, I added black borders. Then I noticed the current socks they had, and liked them a lot. I made the hem match the socks, and then matched up the sleeve part with the hem. Im not sure if that makes sense, but just look at the concept and tell me what you think.

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