Monday, April 5, 2010

NCAA Lacrosse Concepts

Hey guys. I was in the mood to do some concepts, for a sport that doesn't get much face time in the concept section. So here is some college lacrosse concepts. First, I needed a new template. The template I used is all mine, so I could send it out if you wish.

I decided to start at the top. The top 3 teams in the country are Syracuse, Virginia, and Cornell. Here!

#1 Syracuse
The current uniforms are really bland. Just orange names, and numbers. I added some blue, and a modern design.

#2 Virginia
I googled Virginia Lacrosse, and saw the jerseys. They had a stripe that ran from one sleeve to the other under the collar. I used that, but moved it up. The stripe ran from each sleeve. Then added some flair to it. I used the same design on the shorts, too. I noticed the script was the same as the NHL Phoenix font, so that explains why I used the Coyotes number font.

#3 Cornell
First thing I did was search Cornell Football, and saw that the jerseys used dual stripes on everything. Why not carry that over to this? You can see where I got it. Then I remembered the basketball team's pants, and so I put them on here. I got rid of the drop-shadow numbers, and made them block, with outlines to match the logos. Vectorizing the Cornell logo was a lot easier than I thought, actually!


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