Friday, April 23, 2010

NHL Playoff Redesign: 1 of 8

Hey guys, I'm in the mood for some concepts on ice. And because I don't have a curling uniform template, I guess I'll go with hockey.

I want to do 2 at a time, and release them based on first round match up. So 16 teams come in 8 sets. Got it?

First up was the Western Conference 4-5 match up, the Phoenix Coyotes and Detroit Red Wings. I never realized how awesome the 'Yotes logo set was. All their logos are really great, I think. I don't like how the current set only really uses brick red, and white. I expanded the colours to include sand and black. First, I started with a new sleeve stripe, then ran a stripe of the same pattern up the under arm. A tie up seemed necessary since they're so cool. I used 2 logos on the shoulders, the PHX state logo, and the new circle logo. Also note I left the white jersey's numbers sand. I loved how it looked.

For the Wings, you can't really do that much. I tried changing some stuff, but nothing worked quite as good as the current. Home and road are the same, with the Winter Classic set as the alternate.



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