Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Death to the Block S

Pop quiz! What team does the above logo belong to?

Time's up, the correct answer is Stanford, Michigan State, and Syracuse

While there's nothing wrong with the logo, It's hard to believe this many teams got a patent.Anyways, I decided to create logos for those 3 teams revolving around the letter S and their team name.

Stanford's S sometimes has a nice little tree on it. So I decided to create a logo where they're together. I wanted to make a diamond shape, but realize that hey duplicating the top bit looks a lot like a tree. I connected the branches and added a trunk.

I started this concept MONTHS ago. The only progress I had was an MS alternating because I had another letter to play with. I played around with some stuff, and added a nose plate in the negative space of the S. This evolved into a Spartan helmet. The more I played with it, the more it evolved. It became an M-S-U logo,
 This one is an orange

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