Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jupiter Hammerheads

Starting with a home league team for me, the Jupiter Hammerheads' logo is pretty awful now. I used to like it, back in the days when them and the Brevard County Manatees were the only non-pro team names out there. but the Florida State League has evolved to almost making the league like every other. The current logo had uneven outlines, crudly drawn shapes, and 5 different aspects all cluttered into one. I took some cues from the Clearwater Threshers logo, and drew them a new hammerhead logo. I did a top view, hiding the teeth, but trying to give it a mean look. I brought back the J-hook logo because it's ingenious. The script is also cursive like the current road script. Some peple might not approve, but the Marlins are unconventional, and I thought it would be better than matching scripts in this case. The jerseys are pretty standard, meant to match the Marlins design wise, I did some things different. The road stands out by remaining mostly greyscale. I went with a black alternate to match Miami. So that's about it!

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