Sunday, June 17, 2012

Norfolk Admirals Concept

Hey... little monsters?
So if you didn't know, the Norfolk Admirals won the AHL's championship last week. The team is the AHL team of my Tampa Bay Lightning, so it's cool to see a bunch of guys that I saw this year(because the Lightning were never healthy) kick ass. Like, they were about 40-3 since the Superbowl with the help of a sweep of Toronto in the finals... oh yeah and a hockey record 28 straight game winning streak.

Unfortunately their logos and uniform look like ass. And not the good kind. I wanted to tie them in with the parent club because I love looks like this. I did a similar ship inside a circle with naval type dots. The alt is an anchor, and I chose an upright font.

The jerseys are based off of a few Lightning concepts I've done with a Canadiens' type stripe. I tried to differentiate between the logo and stripe as best as I could, hope you like! (AHL uses white at home)

I actually posted this on my tumblr, and a friend of mine was like "You know the Lightning will be controlling Syracuse next year right?" I did this concept for nothing, but it looks good.

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