Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Panama

They probably deserved a World Cup spot if the US didn't break their hearts.

So Panama was the first absolute blank slate. Their crest looked similar to their coat of arms, and they had no real crest history. I couldn't ind any symbols or icons to use on the crest either. Their flag is great tho. I thought that featuring it on the crest would work. A simple crest with the majority of it being the flag. The top reads FEPAFUT which is the abbreviation for the Federation of Panama Football(in english that is). I thought it woul be more specific than just PANAMA because if it said that and had the flag, it wouldn't be descriptive at all.

The kits I had a harder time with. I kept them with Lotto, but the thing is, Lotto has no recognizable trends. I tried my best to make this uniform look second rate(sorry Lotto), using very little design. I did a white band across the chest number and onto the back. The clash logo just had off color sleeves. I would be down to go back and redo these, but I wouldn't know what to do!

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