Friday, July 11, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Jamaica

Here's my rebrand for the Reggae Boyz!

So the current crest is pretty generic, and I wanted to do something out there, and not confined to a crest shape. I love Bolton's old logo, so I wanted something wispy to be the tail of this crest. I did a simple monogram for the Jamaican Football Federation, and played around with ribbons. But I was looking into national symbols, and found great inspiration. The national bird is a humming bird, called a doctor bird on the island. Check out their tail, and you can see how I got inspiration for the concept.

I actually thought Puma did their kits up until researching what color the clash should be. Kappa has those rights currently, but Usain Bolt carries the Puma flag for the country, so why not make them completely dress the nation? The home is pretty simple, and the clash has a wavy pattern I thought would look good for a team nicknamed the Reggae Boyz.

Update for Jamaica

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