Sunday, July 27, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Grenada

So this little island nation was another blank canvas. I wanted to use their unique flag as the basis of the concept. I did a styleized flag with concentric circles. The overlap of the green and yellow made a nice lime green color. I put them in a circle, with Grenada Football and the 6 stars for the 6 parishes on the island.

The kits were pretty cool. I loved the way the yellow and red looked together. I introduced Kappa to the project, so I needed to do some uniquely Kappa things. The logo is featured on the sides of the torso like they're known to do. On the clash, I wanted to do some sort of gradient with the green, yellow, and lime green. I tried to use the USF basketball uniforms as my basis for this one. I did some pinstripes to add to the design.

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