Saturday, July 5, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - El Salvador

Another team I wanted to make unique from other close looks.

The current crest is a mess and is pretty sloppy. There's like an old ball, and a random ES off to the side of the circle. I made my own crest because it just needed to be done. There wasn't any good symbols I could use on the crest, so it looks pretty generic. I darkened the blue to make it different from other countries, and since France did it, I thought I could too. The crest just has El Salvador, an old time ball, and the year their soccer federation was founded.

The kits are pretty generic. I loved this Puma cut they used during the World Cup for the African teams. So I thought that the look itself could be strong enough to have no actual design. Another thing, I used the Phillies font for this because it looks SO MUCH like the Puma font used during the World Cup.


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  2. Hey Michael, your kits and logos look awesome!
    I agree with you that El Salvador's crest is somewhat boring.

    I think it would be really interesting to see something bolder and out of the ordinary like Team North America's hockey team logo and play around with colours for both logo and kit, perhaps and black to the traditional blue and white! anyway keep up the good work!