Sunday, July 20, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Suriname

This was the first concept I did after I told myself that this project was dipping in creativity. So for this little Dutch nation I went all out.

The logo was just kinda thrown together. I really wanted to use the flag in some way, so what I did was put the wine stripe with the yellow star on the top, then underneath the abbreviation I put green and wine stripes. The crest looks almost like a cleaned up USMNT crest currently being used. 

The current uniforms are monochrome white and green, but I wanted to do something that stood out in the confederation. I went with all green on the home, with some Argentina World Cup clash hoops on it. The clash was spurred from an old EPL clash concept i did. I love yellow and a deep red together, so I just kinda went wild with it. Wine with yellow stripes on the top, then yellow shorts, and wine socks. I also went the next step and updated my template to match the World Cup template Adidas used.