Thursday, July 24, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - St. Lucia

I felt like this team needed a complete facelift. Look up their kits, because they're just god awful.

So where could I go with this? The island was owned by the English before it was a country. So what if I made their cest look like an English side. The crest is a simple shape with a banner running across it. The name and year the national team was founded ison there. I put the shape on the national flag, balanced with a simplified parrot from the national crest.

The uniforms just needed a face lift. I went with a softer blue and wanted that to be the main focus of the set. With black and yellow to balance it out on the sleeves and shoulders. I went with Admiral because I think they make clean looks. The clash was always gonna be all black, because I wanted a unique look. I did a stripe to match the sleeve holes running down the front and called it a day.

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