Monday, July 21, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Guatemala

So for Guatemala, I wanted to go super classy, and try to start a trend with the team. That's why I took light blue and run with it. 

The logo takes some cues from the Australia world cup logo. I put a wreath around a Resplendent Quetzal, both are found on the crest of the country. The stylized bird is on the current crest of Guatemala. I made a few modifications to make it more bird like. Then I put the federation name and the year it was established underneath. I wanted to do something that looked like it was created years ago.

Guatemala has sashes on both jerseys today, and I thought that that could become CONCACAF's version of the famous Argentina kits. I switched them to Umbro, and I took the font from the England 2010 World Cup jersey. The current home is monochrome royal blue, but I thought light blue and navy looked great together. I was excited to post this because it's one of my cleanest.

Guatemala update

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