Monday, June 30, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Costa Rica

Onto a team that has been impressing everyone in Brazil.

The Ticos have a meh logo and meh uniform. I think they have a real chance of being CONCACAF's 3rd super power, based on their performance in the Hex and the World Cup. I started with a new logo. I had trouble getting started. I wanted something unique. I looked up "Costa Rican patterns" on google and it came up with tons of geometric patterns. I made my own, and used it as the centerpiece of the crest behind the ball. On the border, it says "Ticos Contigo" which is loosely translated to "Ticos With You", giving a sense of unity and support from the Costa Rican public. That phrase was used by BlackBolt3 on his Costa Rican concept in the Creamer World Cup and I thought it was absolutely genius.

The kits are cleaned up a lot. I switched them to nike, since I'm sure one of the big brands will pick them up after their results in Brazil. I wanted very simple. The sleeve band is white with a thin blue stripe running around it. I continued that pattern on the collar and socks. I found out a clash they used to wear was black and white stripes. I'm all about adding color to CONCACAF and I thought a Juventus look would look great for this team, and you can see how different the kits are color wise.

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