Sunday, June 29, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - United States

First is the team I root for, the United States of America

The crest is inspired by mixing elements from crests the team have used. I know how well recieved the Centenial set they used in 2013 was. I wanted to have a modern look, but used the Centenial as a base. The Centenial set had a badge with stars and stripes. I took a similar crest shape(not exact, but it's similar in a way) to use as the base of the crest. One thing I noticed is that they squeezed the 13 stripes on the flag onto the badge. The crests the US have used since the early 90s all have a flying soccer ball. I thought that it would be great to update it and keep the tradition going, symbolizing the trajectory US soccer is going on(-cricket noises-). Instead of USA on the crest, I went with the acronym of the US Soccer Federation. It seemed more professional and exact instead of something cheap that someone would rip off and sell at Target.

The white kit is very bland and bold like the Centenial kits. The red is from me loving the Bomb Pop kits, and I felt that an all red look might be interesting compared to another navy top. I had a lot of fun with this one. I wanted to do the red and white hooped jerseys so bad, but decided against it. I did what I could and put darker red hoops on the kit. The numbers are a simple block font like the 2013 kits, but with a drop shadow. There's also a small crest on the bottom of the number.

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