Saturday, June 28, 2014

Netherlands - CCWC

I've taken a break doing concepts, just kinda living it up during my summer. But I started aother competition on the Creamer boards. Essentially, I had 32 designers sign up for a World Cup contest. Then randomly assigned them to a nation in the World Cup. I got the Dutch, and won my group! Here is the concept I submitted.

The Dutch have one of the most recognizable kits in the field. In every world cup they’ve entered in the modern era, the Oranje has been prominent in their main jersey, and in the stands. I went classic orange/white/orange, rather than monochrome orange, or black shorts that have been used recently. The full body lion remains the centerpiece, with a transparent badge and crown taken directly from the coat of arms. I did some Easter eggs on the uniform too. I hid the team nickname on the back, made the Nike arm pit holes tulips (which are prominent in Dutch culture), and put the crown from the crest on the numbers. The alternate is the colors from the flag, compared to the navy color they currently rock. So yeah, Hup Holland Hup!

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