Sunday, June 29, 2014


I've been having a rough time being creative recently, and have pretty low confidence in my designs. I think that I just need a few concepts under my belt that I'm really confident about, then maybe I can get my groove back. Here is my new series. The beauty is that I have no time frame, or amount of teams I need to do.

So with the recent success of CONCACAF in the World Cup, I felt the need to go through and rebrand the members of the federation. For the most part, the CONCACAF crests are pretty weak, which are paired with sub-par jerseys. I want to completely redo (maybe) every team I could in the federation.

I started with the logo of CONCCAF. Currently, it's a pentagon with a soccerball in the middle. Check it out, it's subpar. My logo, which you can see above, was designed somewhat simply. The full name of CONCACAF is the Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football. The colors around the ball represent the 3 parts of North America geographically. The top one is red for North America. The left one is blue for Central America. Then finally the right one is yellow for the Caribbean countries. Those colors correspond to their part of the acronym in the script logo. The logo could also be navy or white, depending on the background. I actually wasn't sold on the font I used, especially the O, but the O in CONCACAF is "of" so I thought the least important part of the acronym could be different from the rest.

But yeah! I have some soccer concepts for teams in North America to post for you guys.

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