Sunday, June 29, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Mexico

I hate to do this on the day Mexico was eliminated(unfairly) from the World Cup.

The crest uses elements from the current, but I made cleaned it up a lot. I used bolder lines, a complete crest shape. Then I used every element from the current crest. The eagle was on top, but I put that in the middle of the green and red to mimic their flags. I traced and cleaned up the actual eagle eating the snake from the flag to put in the middle. On the empty space on the gold on the top and bottom, I put a mayan pattern. The current crest has a design similar to the Mayan calandar that supposedly ended the world in 2012. So I took the easy way out, and I thought it was a better representation without being in your face.

It's really hard to make a bad Mexico concept. You just need to do the Tri part of "El Tri". The Green top, white shorts, and red socks combo is up there with the Brazil Yellow/blue/white, and Dutch Orange kit on the scale of recognizable international kits. I didn't want to ruin the jersey with unnecessary designs(looking at you, Adidas). The home kit is very plain. But under the crest, I ran the pattern from the crest, ultimately gradienting out towards the bottom. The clash was originally all black with the same pattern, but it didn't look good. I slept on it and came back with fresh ideas. I like the idea of a red top with black pants like the current, but I changed it slightly. The red is more pink now, similar to the colors Adidas force down peoples throats during March Madness. The new pattern on the front gradients out at the bottom, but the designs around the crest are darker to stand out. The pink and black really complimented eachother, and were different enough from the green to get me to keep it. The numbers are just a skiny font with a little shadow to somewhat mimic the current adidas font(which i have ut wanted to do my own thing.)

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